Sunday, September 23, 2012

In the Beginning

Lets get this random journey into the minds of people that should be declared clinically insane started!!

Introductions are tradiontally first, but you will get to know me in the coming months so we will just leave the first impression vague. Don't want to scare people the first day.

I would rather address the more important topic of what this blog will be about. In general this will be a place for me to give people the inside look into the insane reality of creative people. In general artist, writers, poets, musicians, and anyone that can produce some form of fantasy related item, and find themselves tortured by inner sexy demons. (ONLY sexy ones!!)

What you have to look forward to is massive amounts of my art work, creative writing, and insane ideas about the way the world should work. Some of it will be funny, other times you should just hide under your bed. Don't worry the monster that lives there is willing to accept rent by the hour.

Alright fine I won't make this place all about me (Like it should be). This blog is about the fuel behind the fantasy locked away inside the heads of creators. So you can look forward to interviews with other artist, writers, and just random people that come to my door at 9am during the week.

So stay tuned you might actually read something that speaks to you, and I don't mean the whispers outside your bedroom at 3 in the morning. And if you are a creative individual that would like to share their inspiration or twisted methodology send me an email with subject  ITI interview.