Monday, October 29, 2012

Demons (they're all mine, back off!!)

No I am not talking about those things that run around posing as people. Nor a vessel for an external soul. So get your minds out of the theological gutter and lets move on. (don't lie to me I know it was there!!)

What I am referring to is the internal torment of the truly gifted.

You know the person that just has a completely different perspective on life and the way it works. You can witness it day in and day out, and I am not talking about the kid that eats paste in the back of the class. (just so you know, he doesn't like to share. I already tried.)

Every master artist, great author, and what have you has some kind of defect to them. Look at Da Vinci, an artist that is still studied till this day, but his brilliance goes far beyond just the art world. Then there is Einstein, Van Gogh, Tesla, and the list goes on and on. Each one battled their own demons.

Problems in their lives, but they  faced the darkness and gave to the world things that are idealized even today.

So where I am going with this? Yeah I know everyone wants a point to an spontaneous rant.

Simply put all the greats have demons. Dark, ugly, sexy (yes sexy, and you know it!), demons. Nightmares that alter our way of thinking and perception. Those of us that are not ashamed of those demons and learn to channel our dark sides might not become memorable, but at least we are true to ourselves (and we have cookies, because we all know the dark side holds the market on Keeblers). For that you should always hold your head high and state clearly "I did that!"

Now I am not saying that you should go out, and engage in criminal behavior because the voices inside your head said so. That just means that god speaks to you and a therapist paired with high doses of experimental drugs can help him stop.

What I am saying is don't hold back, let the demons flow, and just maybe you might do something brilliant.

Hey you can always hope!