Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CSI: Are You Open?

No, it is not the CSI you are thinking about. CSI stands for Customer Service Inc. An idea I came up with ages ago, while working in just one of many jobs I have held in customer service.

Lets face it. If you have ever worked with the public there are days suicide just does not seem enough to stifle the stupidity in your life, and there is no amount of alcohol that will help. In the end all we have is the little funny comments we keep to ourselves.

So next time you are in a department store, bank, or restaurant and the workers are laughing. More then likely it is at you. If you have been an ass, lets just say I wouldn't be the one eating that steak. :)

To highlight all these little spouts of stupidity I came up with a comic I wanted to start working on. Well two years later we have the first page. I will stop talking now and let the comic do the work for me. Cheers!