Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Zelda High Def!

Ok so this is not your usual post. It is rant (you have been warned) and also an announcement. Because I write it and you are struck reading it. Get over it!

But, looks like Nintendo wants to force me to buy a WII U, BASTARDS!!

Hey I love Nintendo, they have helped me grow into the twisted, mental, and sometimes verbally violent person I am today.

HOWEVER! Bring out a new console with little difference from the last. Please you are insulting me. Yes the controller is the biggest redeeming feature so I am not completely upset. I am not into buying this WII U thing though. I mean it was announced two weeks after I finally broke down and bought my WII. Which I am still pissed out, but we will not get into that. Far to long.

Anyways this is about the up and coming Zelda game we all knew was in the future. I mean mess with a good thing.

No seriously if they mess up Zelda like they did Mario for me, heads will roll!

Well to hold us off for the new game, the creators have given us a little taste. A high def version of Wind Waker. Not the most exciting game when it was released, but it grew on me.

Seeing the high def screenshots has me dripping. (get you mind out of the gutter. It is already full!)

So while I am against having to buy a new console so soon, I think this is just something I am going to have to admit defeat on. I might really have to play this game, for the 78th time (yes, I have no life).

If you would like to check out little demo video hit the link, and be reduced a drooling child rocking in the middle of the floor with excitement!