Monday, February 25, 2013

Break My Shackles!

Ok my devious followers today I want to talk about limits.

Me personally I hate them. Why would we want to limit something as awesome as Me?
I know you guys are just jealous, and some people are really out of their minds. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to give some people limitless expression.

Such as many famous serial killers, sexual satanist, and extreme religious nut jobs. So I understand the need for limits.

However; in class this week we talked a lot about Plato and his ideals of what should be allowed in way of art and expression. In his mind only educational material, and things that speak to the rational mind should be allowed. In a word, dull and have no imagination. Think of the History channel before they started worrying about their ratings.

That really got our class thinking about what people see everyday, and if it crossed the line of appropriate.

Me, I say free for all. If someone wants to physically harm themselves so others can laugh at them. Go for it. I always like to watch a good moron.

Profanity filled cartoons, I am game. I tend to get a little f-bomb happy every now and then. (Video games bring out the devil in me, and she is fierce!)

These things that are in the public eye such as the examples I have put out here, and are not the things that need to be limited. Yes, people tend to follow them because they are stupid. I say that with as much love possible. :)

In regards to extreme violence in movies, games, and music. It is not the material that leads to the problems in our world. It is parents, guardians not doing their job. I grew up in a house where my mother exposed us to adult things at a young age. Such as action movies, video games, and we were not very limited in what we did. But my mother also educated us on what was right and wrong. Explained what was happening, and gave us the tools to be rational. She gave us the room to make the right choices on our own. If we didn't the consequences were ours to face, and she made them clear before hand. I turned out just fine.

Not one word out of you, Gary!

So for you people that want to put limits on games, music, and television. Um yeah just take your responsibility as a parent and don't make me send my winged monkeys after you. They like fruit not human flesh, but they will do it! You are warned!

With that being said if we start limiting things such as art, music, games, television. When then does it stop?
Movies such as V, and Beautiful Creatures come to mind.
Do we just restrict everything?
Take away everything that makes us unique, and alive?
Yeah right, over my sexy demon army.

If there is something we should be slapping limits on it is the media, (I mean Fox News). Yeah freedom of the press and all, but please could we report the truth every now and then. Or give me something to smile about. I am sick of hearing how ugly the world is, and about the same old stuff. Like the recession. I am to the point where I really don't care. Get the hell on with it people, and stop spreading unneeded panic throughout the world. Or allowing for a basis in reporting. The media should be neutral not opinionated.

Nut jobs, yes they need limits. You know who I am talking about. The crazy person that stands on the corner yelling about the end of the world. Or the over Christianize house wife that thinks she is only one that is right. I mean really? Did you people not see the Mist?
There has been more deaths in history due to the rambles of nuts jobs then anything else. Look at Salem, do we really want a repeat? (I don't want to go back into hiding. )

Supermodels, yes they need limits. We all know they are crazier then a cat lady on meth. Have you seen what happens when a pizza shows up to a photo shoot?
No seriously, the adjustment of images of models to create this perfect ideal woman. It is just sickening. As a woman I can tell you there is no amount of anything that can make you look anything like that in real life.
Ok, maybe if you sell your soul to some type of demonized god.
Aside from that you can spend your whole life trying to look like this idealized version of perfection. This type of imagery destroys lives at a young age.
Little girls grow up thinking that if they don't eat, if they can look like this girl, if they can just have blond hair, blue eyes. If their skin is four types of damaged by the sun, the world will be perfect. Everything will be as it should be, and there are ugly if they are not this ideal picture.

It makes me sick, (and no I am not one of those ugly girls complaining. I am four types of beautiful, and all kinds of sexy.)
Men don't have it easy either. This ideal perfect size man with just the right height, and perfectly built body.
Keep dreaming baby, maybe in your fantasies. Or in a romance novel.

Those are just a few things we should put limitations on. These things are the most destructive to us as a whole society. They breed prejudice, hate, and feelings of self loathing.

Ok wow I went a little nuts, but basically what me and my insane creative peeps are saying is.
Stop trying to make excuses for why the world is the way it is, and start holding the real people responsible.

Until the next rant, or interview, or blue moon,