Thursday, February 21, 2013

Inner Child

That's right. The inner child I know is deep down there, begging to play with the shiny things on the floor.
Don't you wish you could let that part of you out more often?
For me that involves a few dozen pad locks, a straight jacket, and a complex gauntlet of fire. What? It was court ordered!

Alright back to my point.
Remember back when you were a child or just simply naive, and everything was new and exciting. Fear was a word reserved for the monster that lived under the bed. (FYI: he moved into the closet two years ago)

Today I just notice all those people out there that do what their readers want, what their audience wants, always worrying about what other people want. I am guilty of that (my four life sentences of endless My Little Pony reruns starts after this).
However; I found that when I don't care who is watching, or when I write, draw, dance (no laughing!) for myself. That is the time I come up with my best stuff. It is also the time I feel the most relaxed and exposed. (get your minds out of the darn gutter. It is getting crowed in here!)

So here is to everyone's inner child. The little voice inside your head that tells you to laugh at fart jokes. To pick your nose while you are driving, and to just be whatever you feel is right for you to be.

which is hopefully not the guy that keeps peeking in my bathroom window. Seriously dude, stop!

Till I come up with another random tangent with inspirational overtones, my sexy demons.