Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Little Love People

So tonight, in the slowly passing hours of my prime time. I had a thought, which struck me while reading a review on a book I had the privilege of creating a cover for. The reviewer was nice enough to leave a few sweet words for the cover artist (ME!).

Now while I already know I am awesome, charming, extremely gifted (and I do not mean in the head!), and other wise known as a creative genius. It is very nice to hear complements, which I feel are not to often given to the people behind the scenes.

I mean lets face it when was the last time you complement the stage crew on a major production.

Or praised an editor for correcting all those issues with your favorite book you never knew of?

Lets face it we don't think about the people in the shadows, unless they go postal and start doing questionable things. (Don't be getting any ideas. The last thing I need is a law suit)

So the next time you find something awesome, amazing, and just out right brilliant (even if it wasn't done by me). Give credit were credit is do.

Lets be honest here, all of us could use an ego boost no matter how small. Make someone feel warm and tingly inside, but leave the opiates at home. It is not nice to go drugging people without their knowledge. They tend to get a little violent after the fact.

Till next time give your shadow folk a big hug and kiss. They deserve it.

Next time My Sexy Demon Minions!