Friday, May 10, 2013

How to Waste Time

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So I haven't been around much, even though you wonderful people have been viewing away on my blog.
My shattered, blackened, seductive soul just loves you all for that.

I am just popping in to say, ok fine beg, for you to stick it out with me. I have a week left in the torturing learning institute known as college.

Then freedom, completely and utter (don't write a blog about if you don't want to get caught) FREEDOM!!

In the mean time I would like to share with you a few sites, blogs, and other odds and ends that I find help pass the painful day light hours. The doesn't begin until 5 pm in my world so I need something to pass the time so I appear slightly normal to my neighbors. (Especially the crazy old woman across the street that stares into my windows. *shivers*)

First off, the Militant Baker.
I just love this girl. Very empowering and not in a burn down city hall way. More like push that little kid in the mud that called you a freak way. (I don't like to be pick on people my own size. I tend to lose.)
So if you are feeling a little down, or need some inspiration to get through the day, I would suggest taking a look. You will feel differently about yourself afterwards. Not touch by an angel different though.

Second, the Two Fantasy Floozies.
As naughty as is sounds, it is. What did you think I would lie to you?
Ok, do you think I would lie to you, when NOT trying to harvest your soul for my Gremlin beast?
A little faith here people, because I go here to get a nice laugh sometimes. Also to find out what books I should spend my time reading. Lets face it the little book description on Amazon does next to nothing. Nor does the rating system. Because frankly sometimes I wonder how some of these books get such a good rating. People need to open up something from on of the master so they can apply an accurate rating.

Is there really any other better place for awesome web comics? I didn't think so, and while there are others out there. I just don't have the time for them all. However; here my interest is chained for all eternity. This can only lead to the conclusion they must be good. Because I know everything, ok fine the voices that talk to me know everything.

Every, and I do mean EVERY person should have this book marked on their tool bar. There is no better place to waste a bunch of time on awesome news you are just to lazy to look for on the web. That is if you don't mind being a day or two behind sometimes. Still it is like an index of all the useless information you have to know for no reason at all. I swear it will impress you friends.

Those are just a few places I go when I am pretending to do homework. :)
Aside from my own awesome website and deviant page. Which you should all have book marked, or I will unleash my Gremlin!
I will, this is no empty threat. It has sharp pointy teeth, and horrid color shifting eyes of soul devouring evil.

Till next time my Sexy Demon Minions!