Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beginning of Greatness

I was racking my brain last night trying to figure out what I was going to offer you today. After thinking over and over and over again a dust ball flew past me, and I got completely distracted.

With nothing else to talk about, I figured I could share with everyone my very humble beginnings. Lets face it every person starts out drawing like an infant.

With artist being overly critical about their work. Most of us never look back at where we started, and never give ourselves enough credit for all the progress made. Also we tend to compare ourselves to those better or more skilled. Well you should balance that out by comparing yourself to those less skilled too.

Lets be real here, not everyone is me after. *is a creative genius*
That's right! Everything I touch turns to brilliance.

Since I am such an awesome person, and able to handle the laughing and judgment. I wanted to share with everyone some of my very first pieces of artwork. Ok so this stuff happened after two years of high school art classes. But I don't have anything earlier.

No! I did not burn them!
They just happened to fall into the shredder, and I burned the strips of paper.

Anyways here are some sample of my early work in high school. Yeah you know me, the kid in the back eating the paste and sniffing the glitter, and no I am not sharing!

And just so you can all stop laughing. Here is a little sample of my journey thus far.

Then and now, not bad right?
If you would like so see some more of my work check out my website or my deviant

Till next time My Sexy Demon Minions!