Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Staff Of Power

I am a little late to the game today, but I was busy taking in other joys of life. (I will just let you think on that for a little while. :D )

Today I am going to make up for my rant yesterday. Because lets face it karma is not nice.

A while back I posted an interview with the creators of The Zelda Anime Project. Any awesome web comic that is completely addictive.

Well I want to share another Zelda comic that I believe to be an undiscovered Ruby. Why a ruby?
Because I like them! And I said so, that is all you need to know.

For you viewing pleasure I present the Staff of Power!

This awesome comic might look a little rough around the edges but the story makes up for it. All the classic Ocarina of Time races and characters are present with a knew race, the Faierikin.

A type of full sized fairy, and who doesn't like a full humanish fairy with strange fairy marks, and sexy wings?The story centers around the main character Serenity, a Faierikin who looks to be the wielder of the Staff of Power. Which is broken up into pieces, which she then has to collect along with Link. 

Now, I am a fan of a world where Zelda and Link get together, but you have to have some love for fan romances to. So the love hate relationship between Link and Serenity is just enough to make me cheer for her.

So without ruining anymore of this brilliant comic with my random praise here is a little preview.
Take some time to give a little love to Serenitythefaierikin the creator, and let her know her hard work is worth it. Love ya!

click the images for a full view. And check out the full comic here!

Until Next time or tomorrow My Sexy Demon Minions!