Thursday, June 13, 2013

Taking it Easy

So today I am being lazy, mainly because I can. Redirecting everyone over to Two Fantasy Floozies.

Yesterday I spent most of my day designing a mock cover for my friend Kenya, and her new book Flirting with Chaos.

I also talk a little about my process without showing any my secrets really. Then again most people who know a fraction of what I am talking about. Will know my secrets anyways. So head on over to read a little about the book and also how I make magic happen.

Also here is the cover I liked the best, but after being out voted another design took it over. Then my husband came home and told me he liked the one that was picked, and the one I liked look like bird poop. Thanks lover!

So check out my fave that didn't make it, and then head over to Two Fantasy Floozies to see the final. 

Till Next time My Sexy Demon Minions!