Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Under the Cover

I have learned a very important lesson last night. However; I am sure I will continue to make the same mistake over and over again.


Hell, because it is fun at the time. It is only later after the fact, it sucks.
And for many of you *mind meet gutter*. You can't hide it! That is right where your mind went, don't deny it. Or else I will be lonely over here on the dark side.

Last night before bed I figured I would pick a new book to read. Well, after searching through a few choices on my kindle I settled on one. One that I bought out right because the story sounded really good.

Then I realize I need to stop relying on the plot and read the damn samples. I ended up with a poorly written monstrosity, that kept me up until 8 am this morning.

You want to know why I stayed up all night reading not only the first book in the series, but also the second if is was written so awfully?

The story my friends. I am a story addict, and because I am so mentally ill I have this awful habit. Once I start something that has my interest a little peeked. I HAVE to finish it. Hence falling asleep at the crack of dawn like a good vampire. (Sleep is for people with no bedroom fun to keep then busy anyways. GUTTER people!!!)

So now that my little bad habit is out in the open, lets just talk about this crap I read last night. Or rather the sum of all things crap.

Look I am not saying that a story is bad, or a book should not be published for being crappy. I don't like to put down other writers or creative people. By all means get your stuff out there, let it be experienced.

But please, and I beg you with the smallest thump of the phantom black lump that is my heart. Clean it the hell up before you publish. So often I skip over books I find the plot to be interesting, but the writing is so all over the place when it comes to structure. Case in point, the book I read last night changed tenses four times in a paragraph.

Now that is all well and good in a first draft, but come on people show some respect for yourself at the least. I will admit that as I went on reading this problem started to disappear but never completely. By the second book it was hardly a problem, however; it shouldn't have been a problem at all it a nice finished, published piece of work.

Then there was the random big word and even I had trouble figuring out what it meant. Ok big words are fancy, but a randomly placed one that I failed to memorize in high school. Yeah that does nothing for the story, it just adds a layer of uncertainty in the writing, and fails at making it feel grown up. As many good authors will tell you, using big words do not mask bad writing.

I myself have a very limited vocabulary due to my learning disables and the public school system in a number of different schools I attended. That doesn't mean you can not use what you have effectively. There is simply no need for a big ass word only half the world can pronounce. Such odd placement, timing, and use of a word that doesn't really fit with the character (especially in first person POV) breaks the flow of the book.

The last thing I have to say is really just some advice.

Just because you understand it, doesn't mean everyone else will. That is why there is Beta readers. I can not count the number of times I got lost in the book while people were talking. I could not figure out who was talking, why they were saying what they were saying, and I was extremely confused.

Now I am not putting other people down while I bring myself up. Because I have faced the fact a long time ago I have issues with English. I can't spell worth a damn, my grammar, ok what grammar, and my understanding of some words is very off.

Despite that I work twice as hard to make sure my finished product is run threw a number of channels (Ok so many not my blog, but it isn't a refined piece of published work either and my faults add character here) So those faults in my ability don't show through. And even though I have all that working against me, I am still able to weave a story, and use words in a way that draws people in.

Even the man slave I keep around (aka my husband) admits that despite his refined vocabulary, grammar skills, and just all around scholarly nature. He could not write a damn thing.

Basically what I am saying, is so many books out there are like independent movies. Their plot is very interesting but the budget just isn't there. Only a writer can work around a budget.

People take your time, fix your mistakes, and for the love of god at least polish your crap before selling it. Because I am sick of spending my nights giving into my compulsion over a poorly written book.

Until next time My Sexy Demon Minions!!!