Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Unprofessional Work, Shame Shame!

I promised everyone a rant today. Now I don't like to rant, unless it is to my husband, because I get a little carried away. I will try to keep it in line today, but I am not making any promises.

Also I have to say first off, Kenya I am so sorry. So so so so sorry, but I can not hold my tongue any longer on the matter.

My brillaint and talent author friend Kenya has a blog, and everytime I go there I see this.

The cover of her last book in the Vampire King series, and when I do I see red. I am not talking about the hair wrapped around a rather narrow females head, that appears to be some type of male genital.

First off, who does work like this? It is such a bad photo manipulation job, and the fact this person is getting paid and works for a publisher just makes it all the worst. I mean WTF!? WTF?! is this world coming to when something like this with a red penis in the foreground can make money.

Now I understand that this publisher turns out a lot of books, that the cover artist has a lot on their plate. But there is no effort in this at all, none, not an ounce. If that was me in this artist position I would have never in all the seven circles of hell put this out with my name behind it. I could put something better together in an hour. It is such a simple cover there is no reason for the lack of effort.

Not only does this lack of caring piss me off, but I hate that all these authors (my friend included) are reduced to having a sub-par cover that does not do their talented work justice.

I would rather be living in the gutter, licking trash cans for food before I would sell myself out. To reduce myself to putting something like this out in the world for everyone to see. It is an offense to the eyes and artist out there that give everything their all, all the time.

I work for next to nothing, hand out my talents for fire sale prices, but I still put every bit of effort in a highly discounted job that I do a high paying one. It isn't about the money, it is about professional respect for the client, and respect for yourself as an artist.

People like this, that charge unfair prices (or anything for that matter) and product shitty work just get under my skin! You should be so ashamed of yourself. Go crawl back from the depths you came form before my demon soul sucking cat finds you, and sucks what is left of a soul out of you, if there even is one.

Now let me be clear in this last part. I am not pissed at people who's skills are not as sharp as professionals. Because there are some people that don't have the experience as professionals but still put their heart and soul into their work. They give it everything they got. Myself included in this.

But this person clearly did not try here, because I saw the other two covers form the same publisher. The first was good, the second was alright, and this one. Give up your job to someone that could use it.

Ok I am done, sorry I got so worked up, but I hate people who tarnish my field with their crap. It is not fair to everyone that actually cares about what they do, and work everyday to excel.

Check in tomorrow for a mid week laugh with the return of Customer Service Inc.

Till then My Sexy Demon Minions!!