Monday, June 10, 2013

Who or What do you want to Be?

Happy MONDAY everyone!

Ok raise your hand if someone at your work says that, and you fantasize about something out of Hell Raisers happening to them. *Raises Hand*

Let's face it Monday has the stigma of being one of the worst days of the week. Even if your work week starts on a Thursday or Wednesday, do you not still say "This is my Monday." Because Monday sucks, no one wants to start work.

Unless you have your dream job, in that case I hate you, and so does most of the world.

Since it is Monday, I will save you all from the rant I had boiling inside of me over the weekend, and just dish it out tomorrow.

Instead lets talk about something a little more enjoyable.

Cosplaying. Come on we all do it some way, at least once a year. Which I happen to think it is the best time of the year, not just because my colleagues get to run around free, but who doesn't want to dress up and act like someone else?

I would like to introduce to you probably the greatest costume designer out there who won't charge you an arm and leg. Maybe just the leg.

I stumbled up FireflyPath years ago and was just amazed at what this woman can do, and how awesome a models she is.

Now don't laugh and judge, creating customs, especially with this much detail is not easy, nor is the jewelry.

How do I know?
Well, I used to help my mom make stuff all the time, and I was board one summer so I got into jewelry making. It never went anywhere though.

So Today, on this awful start to the work week. I would like share some of the woman's awesome work, and if you need something for any reason. Like Halloween, a convention, or just for some strange game you play in your grandma's basement, send her a request. There will be no disappointment here.

Now that you have bared witness to greatness, Check out her Facebook, Homepage, and the Etsy store, and buy buy buy.

Till next time My Sexy Demon Minions!!