Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thank You My Minions!

I was surprised to find that people actually look at my blog. When I saw my views reach 1,000 I figured I should do something special, or show you guys something, or thank you. Something like that.

To say thank you and celebrate reaching 1,000 of anything I am going to give you all a little tour of my genius station. 

 This is where all the magic happens. Impressive right?
 The best part is it is actually clean!
Yes, that IS clean! Shows what you know.
 You can tell by my masterful filing system. 

Just throw it on the pile till there is no more room. In short, deal with it later.
I also have my little distraction section,

and my bigger distraction section.

Oh, this is not all of them. These are just the ones I watch on repeat when working on projects.
This is my collection.

 And this,

and there is more in the basement, but I will leave that to the imagination. *hides torture chamber*
I also have my degree displayed.

Why? Am I really that into myself?
Yes, yes I am.
Also it took me nine years to get, and I am proud of it.

No I am not stupid! *deploys Gremlin Beast*

I goofed off for two years in a community college in a major I hated, then goofed off for two more years outside of college, returned to lame community college for another two years. Then spent three years getting the degree I wanted in animation, and yes it is a BS so eat IT!!!
Please don't, it is the only proof I have and I paid a fortune for it.

I also have one of my very first drawings displayed to remind me how far I have come. 

This is my great grandfather. A truly incredible man, and I have him to thank for my artistic abilities.

Yes, that is me in the picture. Back when I was innocent, notice the white dress. *a roar of laughter fills the room*
That is not nice!
Get them Gremlin
*Blood Chilling Screams*

Here is my secondary workspace, note the mess. I love working chaos, and it comes complete with laser eye dog! 

 Who could ask for more?
Lastly the most important item in my arsenal. 

 Soul Coma Gremlin Beast.

Don't wake it up, it will take your soul!

That is it from me. Thank you all for viewing my blog, and if  I make it to
10,000 views I will do a big give away. 
I am thinking T-shirts, gift cards, maybe even a membership for
a year somewhere. Who knows? 
What? What about 5,000 views?
You guys just take, take, take!
Fine if I hit 5,000 views I will do a mini give away.
Happy NOW!
Nothing like a little bribe to get things going!
Until Next time My Sexy Demon Minions!