Friday, September 27, 2013

Summer Fun... Fun... What fun?!

Hi my little Demons!

Have you guys missed me? Of course you have this is me we are talking about.
So what has kept me away this time?
Well it is has been a very long summer. Projects, school BS, family crap, and my all time favorite, my own selfish need to do anything but what I was suppose to. Like right this very second when I should be working on my homework. (it's a talent what can I say)

Other then that I have spent my summer working on projects for my wonderful author buddies. 

D.T Dyllin has a new children's book coming out in October called Neo's New Home. Which I proudly illustrated for her. Won't lie it took me some time, but it's for a good cause, The Middle Tennessee German ShepherdRescue. (Show your love people)

I have also used my talents to pull together an awesome book trailer for Kenya Wright's new book Complicated by You. The first in the Coventon Campus Series.


I am currently working on some awesome illustrations for Megan D. Martin's new book, Skin Deep. Look for it this November. 

Other then that I have spent my time drawing chapter headers, cyber punkish hearts, and sexy Zelda sketches. Because the world needs more sexy fan-art. 

The rest of the summer has gone to my own writing, and finally class work because there is never enough of that. 

Enjoy my summer labors,
Until Next time My Sexy Demon Minions!