Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Review: Devil

This week might be a little disappointing to some, but I have been more then a little busy. So just one movie for this week, but next week is our big ending. So don't forget to vote at the top people!!

Alright on to the good stuff.

This week the only horror movie I took on, which I think it is not really scary at all, was Devil. Yeah I know what everyone is thinking, M. Night is still doing movies?

He had a good, short, run but now. Lets just say this movie would have been a whole lot better if Stephen King would have gotten his hands on it.

Here is what I liked:
-The characters, yeah most of the characters were fairly interesting and fun to watch. Even if they were all very predictable. Like painfully predictable.

-Interesting death senses, M. Night was slightly creative in the death of a few characters. There is only so many ways you can be killed in an elevator.

-Easy to ignore, yep that is actually a good quality. Makes for a good movie to have playing while I work on my many projects. I just set it up and completely ignore it while it plays.

Here is what I didn't like:
-Predictability of the characters, kind of takes the fun out of the movie. By the time they walk into the elevator we already know who the devil is and who is going to be the last to die. There was no surprises in this movie.

-Story narration, do we really need the narration through the whole movie? Honestly the one character explains it all for us later, why in the hell do we need the narration beyond the opening? It is just annoying and gives to much away too soon.

-Death scenes, or rather lack there of. If they actually showed the people dieing in some bloody way, or we actually witnessed the death's then this movie could have been salvageable. But they cut right as the part gets good, and they don't even cut on a good part. You see a guy doing something and the next thing you know he is dead! There is not to much lead up to the moment, just in the next scene you are like "Oh he is dead…When did that happen?" Show some skill people because right now M. Night is proving he has no storytelling abilities.

-Forgiveness, could the story get any worse? In the beginning we see the cop talking to his sponsor saying he will never forgive the guy that killed his family, and then out of nowhere at the end he forgives him. Because they all just witnessed the devil. Umm… no you didn't dude. You were an on looker who watched as other people were torment by the devil. This had little to no effect on your character, it was just another mystery of the job. Yet all of sudden you are enlightened and want to forgive the guy that witnessed all this awfulness and came clean. Then there is the fact the devil can't take Tony at the end because he comes clean, he stopped lying to himself. WTF? 

Begging for forgiveness at the last second is such a cheap way out!! I am sure if everyone else in the elevator knew about this loop hole, they would have been spilling their guts to. What makes this guy so special that he gets the chance to confess? Oh wait he killed the cops family, yeah that’s right we need a tie in for the plot to make a full circle.

What they could have done to make this movie a lot better, first off take out the whole family dead thing. I mean what was the point of the cop's family being dead other then making the cop broken. Which hardly had anything to do with the movie, because from what I was seeing the cop was on his game hard core through the whole thing. That is not a broken man. Second either learn how to build suspense or show us some insanely interesting death scenes, or more people die. Seriously! The devil's in town people lets up the body count a little, I mean having the rescue crew suffer an explosion or something, liven it up. To me it seems like the devil is like, "ok I won't kill you unless you get too to close." It should be more of "I'm the devil bitch, mess with me and DIE!!" Instead nothing, we get two deaths out of it, TWO!

I feel a little ripped off by the whole thing. Ok I feel a lot ripped off because the underlying concept is fairly neat, and I am sucker for cultural folklore. Just next time give it to someone that can actually make a good movie on a consistence bases, because M. Night does not have that kind of record.

 Yeah that's right, TWO Dr Who gifs!!!

Alright I will stop ranting now, on to the LAST question.

5. What did you always want to dress up as for Halloween, but never got a chance to?
I have dressed up as a lot of things over the years, including a very dorky clown (my mother made me do it! Clowns should not be powder blue and PINK! Why PINK!)
Anyways, I have always wanted to go trick-or-treating as a toy box.

Yeah that's right, a Toy Box!

Think about it, you have this box around your body and you can store all your candy around you! What kid doesn't like to be surrounded by CANDY! But I never got a chance, oh well.

Till Next Time, My Sexy Demon Minions!