Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Review: Resident Evil 1&2, Grave Encounters, & Episode 50

Here we are again, and look I didn't flake out. Don't worry though I still have a few more weeks left to flake out on everyone. I wouldn't want to let any of you down. J

So this week I took on Resident Evil 1&2 (you know the enjoyable ones), Grave Encounters, and Episode 50.

Warning: There are Spoilers!

Lets get this party going people, Resident Evil. I really forgot how much I enjoyed these two movies. Which is kind of funny because I am not a big zombie person, vampires are more my thing (NOT sparkly ones either!).

However; Resident Evil turned me onto the zombie world when I first went to go see it in theaters. Watching it now I remember how I was able to turn me, and all the fun I used to have terrorizing my brother while watching it.

Things I like:
-Action, Action, Action. What can I say I am an action junkie. More so when I was younger, but the love is still there. Yeah there is far more action in the second movie then the first, but its all good.

-Characters, love the characters. Now I have never played a Resident Evil game, but I have always been familiar with the characters. Lets just say I love the actors in these movies, I think they did a great job.

-No shortage on blood. I can be fake as hell but there is not shortage on the blood or zombie dogs.

-Corporation cover ups!!! Who doesn't love a corrupt organization that is so busy worrying about their next big thing, they can put a whole city in danger? Seriously? A corrupt corporation is like the perfect villain.

What I didn't like:
- There wasn't to much I didn't like, expect maybe Matt being turned into a monster in the second movie. That is more for an emotional reason then a logical one.

Over all I love the first two Resident Evils, they give me the action, characters, and all the zombie killing I want. Complete with strong female leads. WOOT!!!

Grave Encounters,

I first stumbled onto this movie like I do most. Through Netflix. When I starting watching this movie I couldn’t help but laugh. I am a big fan of paranormal shows, not that I am a big believer in the paranormal, I just like to hear people's stories.

This movie basically covers and mocks some of my favorite paranormal shows. It has a big nod to Ghost Adventures, including mimicking Zach almost to a T. A fake physic that comes in, and at some point they even show the host, Lance, paying a gardener to lie about seeing a ghost. (that is my husbands favorite part).

Basically, this paranormal team heads into an asylum. Nothing really new there from every other movie like this. They have been filming for awhile and they all don't really believe in ghosts. For them this is all a show. Well lets just say this place goes crazy later. They end up getting locked down inside the asylum, in fact it stays night outside the whole time. The ghosts end up picking them off one by one.

Here is what I liked:
-Mock tone. Yes while I love paranormal shows you can't help but love the mocking this movie does in the beginning. It makes you wander about other paranormal shows and how much is faked, if any.

-The Never Ending Hospital. Yep no matter how many times these guys break through and exist door more hallways appear. It is like one big ghost labyrinth, only no David Bowie!

-Scary bits. There are parts of this movie where you are just like, WTF!. Case in point the shadow hands coming out of the walls. The girl in the tub of blood, and the bracelets that magically appear on their wrists while they are locked in a closest.

What I didn't like:
-That pacing. Lets just say after we get to the part where they are trapped in the hospital things start to move really slow. Yeah it is all for build up to the scary bits, but seriously? This movie takes for freaking EVER!!!

-The fact that we never see anyone checking on these guys. So Lance, the brilliant host, actually has them locked in this place. The guy is coming to let them out, but the crew gets to freaked out and they break through the door. Only to end up in another hallway instead of outside. Not that I have a problem with them being trapped, but why don't we ever see what the guy coming to let them out in the morning sees. I mean they are trapped for days in this place, can't we see the police searching the place or something?

At the beginning the producer guy says that this tap was found, but how? Lance is filming right up until he completely loses his mind in the tunnels. That was days after they went into the building. So did the cops continue to come back and search, or was time just altered in the hospital? We just don't know, and it brothers me.

Over all if you want something that gives you a little laugh in the start and then offers some scares. By all means check this movie out, just don't want the second one. It is such a disappointment.

On to Episode 50. This is another  movie about paranormal investigators. Only these guys do everything they can to disprove ghosts. They are then paired up with a group who is all about proving the existence of demons. They head into the building and strange stuff starts happening and they end up releasing a ghost that is raising a demon, and people start to die.

Here is what I liked:
-The paranormal team. I love these guys, yeah they disprove that paranormal, but they also believe that sometimes it is the paranormal. The only thing they don't believe in is demons.

-The group of believers. They found every stereotype they could and built this group. Right down to the overly religious leader who thinks god can save them. Well he didn't save his physic girlfriend, who him when he tried to seal the demon that HE let out.

-The Ghosts. You start to see them right when they get to the place. It is great, no build up, no waiting just ghosts, ghosts, ghosts. Oh , and creepy walking dead nurse with no tongue.

-Scottish guy. Yeah that’s right I like a cool Scottish guy. Especially since he is funny, and just so lively compared to the others.

What I didn't like:
-the believer team. Their leader is a freaking ass!! His girlfriend keeps warning him, outright warning him, but he just keeps pushing her. Hello she is a physic! I think I would go with what she says people.

-Jack's sudden belief and ability to stop a demon. Not that seeing a demon standing in front of you would not make someone believe. I get that. But he started coming around when the physics' neck got snapped, and he wasn't even there!!! So suddenly he is a demon believer. Then the religious guy, says it is going to take both of them to seal the demon back into hell. Only he ends up dieing and the new believer takes over and does it. WTF? I thought it took two people? Besides this guy is not as self righteous as the other. So I just don't get how that works out.

-You can only fight demons from a distance. Yeah that’s right, I didn't know this. After the self righteous religious guy takes the big sleep. Jack, picks up his cross. Then he runs about two feet down the tunnel away from the hell gate, turns, and starts to seal the demon. Why? What the hell is the reason for this? It's just pointless and I don't get it.

Over all this movie is good until you get to the end, and if you can get pass the self righteous ass on the other investigative team.

I figured I would answer two questions this week.

2. When is the best time to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween, Christmas, or both?
Let me ask you this. When isn't it the best time to watch it? Seriously that movie rocks. I could watch it anytime and it is still awesome.

3. What horror movie still gives you nightmares today?
Nightmare on Elm Street. I can not watch any of those movies. I get nightmares, I don't sleep, and I just live in complete terror for days. Yeah they look corny and cheap when you watch them. But the idea of dieing in your dreams freaks me the hell out!! So it is just better for me to stay away from those movies.

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Till Next Time, My Sexy Demon Minions!