Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Review: Scream Series & The Haunting at Silver Falls

This week I took on the Scream movies, and also ventured into the unknown with The Haunting at Silver Falls.

WARNING: There are some spoilers. Not many but a few.

Scream, what isn't there to like about this movie?

I remember when I first watched it. My mom and I were having a mother daughter night, and ended up picking this movie to watch. Needless to say once we were done, neither one of us wanted to go anywhere in the house alone. Not that we are easy to scare, but the fact it was based off of real events, AND we had just moved out into the middle of nowhere. Lets just say the fear was heavy in the air.

Looking at the series as a whole, it is great.  There is not much disappointment, except when they kill off Randy. I love the paranoid nerd with a movie addiction. He is great, I just want to keep him locked up in my basement. His death in the second movie just killed me, but that didn't stop me from continuing on to three and four.

Here are my likes:

-The scary movie rules. I love that crap. It is both funny and gives the movies their own little world. You can always expect the "rules" to come into play at some time. Even though in the fourth one the rules were not a big part of the movie. There is the cinema club that presents the new rules for the new age, and then Robbie's death where he declares he is gay so the killer won't kill him, because those are the rules. (it didn't help him though)

-Drew Barrymore dies. Not a big fan of hers. Her death in the first part of Scream 1 was brilliant.

-Sidney goes all Buffy on the killer at the end of Scream 2. In the rest she is just lucky. Giving a kick here, a jump out of a closet and stab here, but nothing compares to the moves she pulled on Mickey at the end of Scream 2. It's just awesome.

-Gale, the woman is a bitch. A pure cold hearted bitch, and I love her for it.

-The killers are always messed up, and not just a little messed up. Messed up to the tenth power. In their sick minds they can justify anything. Especially in the fourth movie.

-The Stab movies. The mock version of a movie we are already watching. It adds a nice touch to the whole "we are living a scary movie," theme to the series. It also adds a little comedy with the corniness of the Stab movies.

-Finally, Dewey. What isn't there to love about this guy. A small town shy guy, who you can stab over and over again. Between him and Gale, they will have some stories to tell the grandkids.

Here are the things I didn't like:

-Drew Barrymore. Don't get me wrong, there are movies she plays in that I like. Maybe two, but other then that I don't like her. Mostly because her chin. She looks like the Nick At Night moon guy with that chin. It just drives me insane. The other reasons is because she RUINED Akima in the Titan A.E. Her voice ruined that character, the woman can not voice act!

That is just about it. Aside from them killing characters I like, but it is a slasher movie. People must die for the plot to continue.  In my opinion the Scream movies are good if you are looking for a nice slasher film, with creepy ghost face, strange phone calls, and bloody deaths. Complete with comic relief and interesting characters that will soon die as a result of Sidney and her group of survivors entering their lives.

The other movie I watched this week was The Haunting at Silver Falls. I really just stumbled onto it while searching through Netflixs. Reading the description I was expecting another possession, or semi possession movie with a girl in a house getting scared by a ghost.

Boy was I wrong, and surprisingly I loved this movie. First off the main character kicks some serious ass (not literally). She is just so cool. 

Not only does she give the nerd of the town a go, but she is tough. The whole town expects her to break down because she just lost her father, but she is completely ok. She is dealing just fine. She is also clever when the mystery of the ghost twins haunting her slowly comes to light.

That’s the other thing I liked about the movie. I suspected EVERYONE! At one point I thought the whole freaking town was in on the deaths. Even though we conclude who the killers are, the movie doesn't wrap up other suspicious details for the other characters. So you will just have to use your imagination to figure what those other characters were trying to hid.

But my favorite part of the movie, is the ghosts' revenge. It is like something right out of Supernatural. The ghosts go all bad ass on the killers. I don't think there is any better ending. This movie definitely gets my vote, and if you want a nice scare with mystery then look it up. Netflixs is streaming it now!

1. What is your favorite scary movie/movies? (yeah, I just did so get over it. LOL)
(Wow this one seems to fit nicely in this week. Honestly I didn't mean to do it like this!)

 Hmmm, this is a hard one. My favorite movies are The Amityville Horror movies, actually anything to do with Amityville. I don't know why it is so interesting to me, but it is. 

However; my all time favorite movies which could be considered both horror and thriller. Are the Hannibal movies. I am a series Hannibal Lecter fan! He is like a good bad guy that can mess with your head. I love it.

So there you have it, my review and an answer to a question. Please feel free to answer the question in the comments below, and don't forget to take the movie poll.

Till Next Time, My Sexy Demon Minions!