Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Autumn is air, the leaves are turning colors, and the best part is the color theme for this month matches just about every item of clothing I own.
What isn't to love about autumn, especially October? Though most people only get the spooks toward the of month closer to the frightful night of All Hollows Holiday. I tend to get the spooky thrill the first day of the month.
Something about knowing it is October puts a chill in my bones that makes me *R rated*.
But yeah so needless to say I am in the mood, and to share my mood with everyone I have given the Insanity vault a little makeover.
Also this month I will be sharing my love of movies with everyone. Yep, I am a movie junkie, just ask my husband. Every Friday I will most a review of the Halloween or horror movies I have watched in that week. It will be random every week and I am not going to tell you which ones I will be watching.
Some will be my all time favorites I watch every year, others will be ones I have never seen before, and still others will be ones I hate but I think should get a second look.
To put everyone in the spirit of harvest thrills here are some questions I put to you guys.
1. What is your favorite scary movie/movies? (yeah, I just did so get over it. LOL)

2. When is the best time to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween, Christmas, or both?

3. What horror movie still gives you nightmares today?

4. Favorite Halloween Monster?

5. What did you always want to dress up as for Halloween, but never got a chance to?

Feel free to answer these questions anytime this month. Each week I will answer one of the questions with one of my movie reviews.

I would also like everyones help me pick a horror movie series for me to watch on October 31. So take the poll on the left. It will run until the 28th, and choose my fate on that most hellish night. Stay tuned for more Halloween related fun.

Till Next Time, My Sexy Demon Minions!!!