Monday, October 14, 2013

JJ Morris: Lineage Chapter 1

 Happy Beginning of another Week! (we are not going to use the 'M' word around here.)

Last night, or more of this morning, at 4am I was thinking about one of the books I have been working. I knew I would end up getting the itch to work on it the farther into October it got.


Because it has all those cool supernatural, scary things I love to watch, read, and talk about. Plus it has a  moody hot dangerous guy, with great hair. Along with things that go 
 in the night, lots of blood, and  teenage hormones. Because nothing is better then teenage hormones!

So what does this all mean for the Insanity vault?

I figured instead of keeping my progress with the book to myself, I would share it with my minions. Now, I am not going to make any promises, but I am shooting for a once a week posting. Mainly on this day, the beginning of the work week just to give everyone a little treat.

So while I take forEVER to actually finishing anything to publish, here is a little taste of what is in store.
Book 1 of the JJ Morris series

***Chapter 1***

            The shifting of gravel filled the silent night. Crunch, the sound of  autumn leaves breaking under foot. To anyone else it would inspire fear, but in a small town like this there was nothing to fear. No scary creatures that lurked around in the darkness. Ghosts were just creepy sounds in the night, given power  by distorted legends and town folklore. Fueled by the active imagination of young teenagers looking for a cheap thrill. In reality they were just manifestations of the mind.

            That eerie sound brought me hope instead. Hope that I was not the only one left at the football game without a ride.

“Hello?” I asked into the darkness. Fingers crossed to hear a response, company on the walk home would be much welcomed.

            I waited for a long while for a response, but silence followed my greeting. A disappointment as I turned to continue on my way. No sooner had my back turned to the line of trees then a growling sound caught my ears. Frozen, stiff, and shaken I wasn't sure what had made the sound, but it hardly sounded friendly. Still as ever I listened for the sound again, too afraid to turn around encase it was some wild animal. There was another long period of silence, and my mind had started to rationalize with different scenarios.

            It could be some small nocturnal critter out and about. Performing a normal nightly routine. I wasn't even sure it was a growl. The possibility of it being a typical nose that my mind distorted was a rational conclusion. A trick of the mind effected by the eerie setting and chilled October night. Laughing off my silly reaction to a completely normal night sound, I took another step forward. This time there was no mistaking it. A clear, angry growl came from behind me. Frozen in place my imagination kicked in, fueling the fear that caught in my throat. The growl had stopped, but I swore the feeling of warm breath was at the back of my legs. Owned by some strange predator that wished to make me its next meal.

            Growling came again, and I released a breath. It was farther away then my mind had lead me to believe, but still to close for complete comfort. The growl continued wavering up and down in pitch like a dog warning or threatening. The hair on my body stood on end, and this time I did feel fear. Each change in pitch caused my body to shudder, my mind trying to reason through the moment.

            I told myself it was all being taken out of proportion. When I turned, there would be a tiny dog. Some small terrier or Chihuahua that acted too tough for its size. Just a fluffy small dog, whose bark was far worse then the actual bite.

            No, that was too silly. Then perhaps farmer Tucker's dog, Molly, was lose again. It never did like me, and that growl matched the size of Molly. Mr. Tucker had assured me she was all bark. To old to actually give chase, and had a mouth full of gums. In a word she was harmless.

            Yes, that was rational. It was just grumpy old Molly. The dog must have wandered off from old farmer Tucker, and set out to scare me while I was walking home over the railroad tracks.

            Drawing my foot back from mid step I slowly started to turn. The comforting thought of finding Molly snapping her toothless gums at me was shattered. There, just down the small incline of the tracks, hiding between two large maple trees were a pair of red glowing eyes. It wasn't the type of glow caused by the reflection of light. They were glowing on their own, and they were fixed right on me. There was nothing to explain it. This wasn't Molly, this thing was massive. A dog, or wolf, maybe both. Easily the size of a fawn or cafe, solid misty black body which seemed to fade right out of the darkness.

            White fangs extended from its slightly parted mouth. Bearing them to me as intimidation, it more then worked. My body had started to tremble as the wolf like creature continued to snarl, and growl leaving a white foam around its mouth. Closing my eyes I wished I was anywhere but here. My body too shocked to even dream of running. I came to terms with what was going to happen. The newspaper tomorrow would be reporting my death. A story that would run for nearly a lifetime, and then I would fade away in the many legends and tales of town history. “The Girl on the Tracks” that would be my namesake. My ghost would haunt the tracks where rebellious teens came for a little romance. Local paranormal groups would investigate, and conclude I was in fact still around. Looking for the animal that had ripped me to pieces. Wanting revenge for my young life being cut short. The bright side was at least someone would remember me.

            The growl grew louder and time seemed to slow. I just want this over with. This awful, painful, and violent death, if it was coming I wanted it just to end.

“Are you alright?” I thought I heard someone say, but it was impossible. Just my mind trying to play tricks on me again. I couldn't open my eyes, not now. This thing was going to kill me, but I didn't want my last moments alive to be staring into those nightmarish eyes. Eyes still clenched shut, I embraced the on coming end. Feeling pressure on my shoulders, I waited for the blow. That harsh, breath steeling blow that would send me to the ground.

This is it!

It was going to pin me down, snaps its jaws around my face and rip it off. Maybe it would be quick though, maybe the creature would be merciful and go right for the neck. My body jumped into action without my brain willing it to. I thrashed with my hands beating and clawing at whatever I could manage.

“Hey,” a soft voice said. “settle yourself.”

            It was a male voice, a very soft smooth male voice. My eyes shot open, met by a pair of deep azure eyes. Every worry or fear I might have had was gone. Lost in a blue gaze that was locked right on me. My breath caught in my throat, knees weak, and I felt my palms start to sweat.

“Are you alright?” he asked again.

            Every single word in the English language, and the few I knew in French, left me. Just gone as I stumbled to say anything, having to settled for a nod. At least my brain still had some control over my body.

            A brilliant smile stretched over full thick lips across pearl white teeth. His eyes brightened as he smiled, causing my already weak knees to buckle. His arms were around my waist, supporting me as if I weighed nothing, and didn't gore myself with two bacon cheeseburgers at dinner. Placing my hands on his arms to steady myself, his muscles flexed under my touch. I melted finding the subtle reaction under my touch to be extremely attractive. I could die now, that wolf could rip me apart and that would be fine with me.

The wolf?!

            The pleasant movie like dream I just found myself in shattered back into reality. Or was it more of a typical horror film?

            I had lost track of that wolf thing. Frantic, my eyes darted up and down the line of trees shrouded in darkness. There was nothing, not a single sign that it had ever been there. It was gone, this wonderful stranger had chased it off. That just made him all the more of a dream, one I could easily get lost in. Especially with those sparkling eyes and soft inviting smile.

            I felt his arm tense under my hand, his gripe slowly tightening around me. The brilliant smile dropped from his face, his jaw fixed in a tight line. A low, threatening growl came from behind my stranger. The strong arms dropped from my body, and using one hand the strange guided me behind him as he faced towards the growl.

“Run” I heard him say. The soft tone gone, replaced by something a little more edgy.

            My legs refused to move, my mind did not register the swift change in my emotions. Weak from that wonderful smile, and thrilling feel of such a protective grasp around me. Now thrust back into a complete fear for my life.

“I said run!” he growled again, his head turned toward me showing those brilliant piercing blue eyes filled with a dangerous edge. Frozen, I could not bring myself to look away from those azure pools. I didn't think it possible, but the edge in his eyes made him all the more attractive.

“Get out of HERE!” his voice was so harsh it knocked me back into the very serious moment.

            He didn't have to yell again, because I took off into the direction of my home. Ducking into the tree line opposite of where the wolf first appeared. My feet stumbled over the large tree branches, they seemed to just reach out and grab for me. Each time I stumbled my mind told me it was the wolf. That it had caught up with me, and the pressure around my ankle was actually a mouth. A powerful jaw, snapping down with such force that the pain had yet to register. Those thoughts caused me to scream each time I stumbled. Letting out quick yelps as I landed on the ground. My internal voice yelling, screaming at me to keep running. Not to look back but just to run.

             Gasping for air I stumbled down a hill and out onto the paved road. Hard varied ground scrapped at my hands and knees. My breath left me, rushed out with the harsh fall causing a disorienting dizziness. The whole night was turning into a string of chaotic of events. Lost in that few brief seconds I didn't noticed the wolf only a few feet behind me. The low, threatening growl stopped the breath in my throat. It was so close, too close. My fingers gripped the rough road beneath me. Ready to claw at whatever they could should I be dragged back. I didn't want to turn, butI needed to look. Facing down the animal might be the only way to stop it from attacking. They always said in school you should never run from a threatening animal, it would only provoke it more.

Did my running make it want me even more?

“Don't just lay there!” my stranger's voice growled down to me.

            I turned, seeing him was worth staring down that awful violent animal that was hunting. Rolling over to my back I looked up at my strangers towering figure. He had positioned himself between me and the wolf yet again. Hand extended holding some type of handgun, black, large, and nothing like I had ever seen before.

Was he really protecting me?

            Sharp ear splitting bang echoed outward as he pulled the trigger.

“Damnit!” he growled as the wolf lowered into a more aggressive position. Not phased by the bullets, amusing they hit.

            His iron grip clasping around my arm as he pulled me to a stand. His strength was impressive, but the treatment was leaving a lot to be desired.

“Hey?!” I  yelped trying to jerk away, but there was no escaping.

“Stop fucking around, and run!” he yelled to me.

            His grip tightening around my arm, now pulling as he took off in a run. My feet could not keep up, I could feel my toes scrape on the ground causing me to stumble forward every few steps. A viscous animal growl behind me took the hesitation out of my step. I was running without my strangers' aid, and he released my arm the second I passed him. Racing through the rusted iron gate in the front yard I didn't look back. I didn't need to, I knew the wolf was right behind us when my stranger yelled to get my keys out.

            I reached into my pocket in full run, but it was near impossible to fit my hole hand into my pocket. Inwardly cursing the choice of my tight jeans. I only wore them because my boyfriend insisted, and then dumped me for his football buddies after the game. Even now, stopped at the front door I was unable to reach my keys. Hands shaking, heart pounding, and breath gone I fought with the restricting fabric.

“What are you doing?!” the stranger growled from behind me.

“I can't get my keys!” I answered in a panicked voice. Trying again in vein to reach for the one thing that could save us.

            Finally, I could feel the warm metal of my key. It was in my shaky hand, but I didn't get the chance to pull it out. The stranger pushed me aside so hard I nearly fell back. I wanted to yell, to protest his actions, but I was too amazed by the way he kicked in the front door. It was a sight I only thought was possible in a movie. One where some tough cop busted through a door with a single kick. In reality I was sure it would take at least a few attempts. There was no one I knew who could perform a feet such as that. What made it all the more amazing, was the fact it was my door.

            My mother had moved us into one of the oldest houses in the town, aside from the run down inn up on the cliff. The door itself was ancient. Made from an old oak tree, it was easily three inches thick of solid wood. Opening it on an average was a chore, but here he was kicking it in. Pieces of the wood splintered and fell along with portions of the newer lock. His controlling grasp came around my waist, my heart still skipped a beat or maybe two as I was thrown into the house. The door slamming hardly registered, my mind still on the sight of shattered wood and flying metal.

“What good is that going to do?!” the panic still in my voice when I turned to him.

            He didn't reply or even look at me. His heavy footfalls marching down the hall toward the kitchen, and beyond that the back door.

“Hey!” I growled again trying to get his attention. I needed to be acknowledged, to be reassured that wolf dog thing could not get in here through the door that now had no lock.

“You're safe.” was all he offered.

“What do you mean I'm safe?” I asked in panic. “I mean this place is not like a bunker, or some shelter.”

            He didn't respond, I was finding my handsome blue eyed stranger to be more of the silent type. While strong and silent could be my type of guy, at this moment it was very annoying. Feeling annoyed was a lot better then feeling scared, so I let the annoyance fly with question after question. Anything to get his attention or an answer. Instead I was reduced to following him around the house. Watching as he checked every window. Carefully standing to the side, and taking care to move the long white lace curtains only as much as needed to see out. He wasn't nervous or scared, at least not from what I could tell by the stoic mask he had on.

“How is this place safe?” I asked. “That thing is big enough to bust through a window if it wanted to.”

“It can't enter here.”

            Another strange short reply that made no sense in the least. This was a house, just your normal everyday house. Passed down on my mother's side for years. From what I could tell about that wolf it didn't really respect the notion of propriety or personal space. If it wanted me, or us, then a silly door with a busted lock was not going to stop it.

“Stay inside.” he said opening the back door.

“Wait! Where are you going?” I asked. The annoyance gone, overpowered with fear. If that wolf attacked while I was alone, then what would happen?

“My job, just stay inside.” his foot out the door already, my heart started to pound all over again.

“Lets just call the police.”

            It was the first suggestion that came to mind, the next was animal control. In a town as small as this I doubted either one could handle the situation.

“No cops!” he hissed at me.

            I didn't even see him move from the door, but there he was right in front of me. His face so close hardly an inch lay between us, but I could still see the gun in his hand. The gun that was now pointed at my chest.

Was this really happening?

            My mind started with the scenarios, playing out a new violent end that would not be passed down, or repeated in town history. Just a simple murder passed off as a failed home invasion. My rational mind was to busy waiting for the loud bang that would accompany the gun shot. It was going to happen, his eyes were far to serious to be taken lightly. I had accepted my death once tonight, and it gave me courage to do it again.

“You save me just to shot me?” I challenged him.

            The corners of his prefect mouth twitched upward, and the pressure of the gun against my chest increased. My whole body was shaking, but my gaze did not stray from his eyes. There was such a darkness in them. He pressed the gun harder against me as he took a step back. I didn't back down, raw adrenaline drove my reckless challenge as I leaned into the mussel of his gun. Daring him to do it. The corners of his mouth inched upward more, creating a wicked smile. Hunger flashed in his dangerous eyes, and I could feel my heart pounding with excitement.

            His lips formed back into a straight line, taking a step back the gun left my chest. Still aimed at me, he ordered in a dark tone. “Stay inside.” Before ducking out the back door.

            The second the door closed my body went into violent fits of uncontrollable shaking. All the panic, fear, and emotions I had been unknowingly suppressing came rushing forward. No longer over powered by the adrenaline, or distracted by dreamy blue eyes. My knees gave out and I fell to the floor. Huddled in the corner of the kitchen, hugging my knees to my chest. It felt like my whole body was shutting down, like the world around me hand rushed forward and left me behind. Now I was playing catch up, and it was more then I could handle.
            My vision blurred with tears that seemed to form without warning. I cried, there huddled in the kitchen. Sobbing. Shaking. Purging every emotion that had rushed upon me in the last terrifying ten minutes of my life. 

 Come back next week for another haunting chapter. Might not even be a week. You will just have to wait and see.    
Till Next Time, My Sexy Demon Minions!!