Monday, November 18, 2013

Have to Share!

Hey, I said I was going to take it easy not that I was going to be completely gone. I might pop in every now and then, but don't expect much.

Which means I can still show off some work that I am quickly falling in love with. This is very rare, as with most people that lead a creative life I think everything I do sucks. However; there is a rare occasion where I do something even I am impressed by. Yeah that's right, my internal critic has nothing negative to say.

Because of this ground breaking moment that comes along maybe four times a year, I just had to share with everyone what has me shining today. Last night in the wee hours of the morning I completed a homework assignment that going into I knew it was going to suck. I was working with tools I haven't worked with before, I was tired, annoyed, and my past with inking with a quill has never been successful. Needless to say I KILLED this assignment (at least in my own mind, grades haven't come in yet.)

The assignment was to take a movie script and translate it into comic pages. I ended up doing the Nightmare Before Christmas, because I was still on my Halloween kick. Feast your eyes on my opening!

(The Nightmare before Christmas is not mine, I simply used the script for educational perhaps. These pages are strictly my interpretation of the script.)
Not saying they are perfect, I can pick out a few things I would have loved to fix up if I had time. But the first panel on page 1, KILLED IT!! The trees are insane, the roots are so darn cool, and the texture on the grass, I still can't believe I did this.

For those of you who don't recognize this portion of the movie here is the script I was working off of. 

'Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems, in a place 
that perhaps you've seen in your dreams.  For the story that you are 
about to be told, took place in the holiday worlds of old.  Now, you've 
probably wondered where holidays come from.  If you haven't, I'd say it's 
time you begun.
        This Is Halloween
Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween
This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night
 Till Next Time!