Monday, November 4, 2013

Work Process & Illustration Giveaway

So I have been up to my eyeballs in work lately, and I though to myself. Why not give everyone a little peek.

Along with this little step by step process I am doing my very first giveaway.

Why, you ask?

Well I noticed Amazon was doing count down sales to Black Friday, so I thought I would do a count down to Cyber Monday.

On Monday December 2, 2013 I will be holding my own sale on per-made book covers, but leading up to that every week I will be doing a new giveaway.
Stay tuned for more details and giveaways as the month goes on.

This is a character illustration I have been working on for Megan D Martin, for her new book coming out Skin Deep. Keep an eye out for it!

1. So I start with my sketch, all scanned in and cleaned up a little. All ready for inking.

2. Nice clean inked outline all ready to go.

3. Next I lay in the flat base colors, and I also put the background in. That way I can see how all the colors are going to work together. When I am doing a background that is just plain gradient it helps to remind where my light source is coming from.

4. At this stage I have put in the shadows, just the basic area where the shadows are going to be.

5. After the shadows look good, I go in and define the details in the shadow area.

6. Add the highlights and the boarder with a blur to give it a polished look.

7. To give it a little something more I add a cast shadow and darken the shadows on the character, and there you have it.

To celebrate the season I am giving away a character illustration like the one I just showed off. So don't forget to sign up!

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Till Next Time, My Sexy Demon Minions!