Monday, January 13, 2014

Fancy Toys, Who Needs Them?!

When I first started drawing I used it as an escape from all the pressures around me. I spent hours in my room with an old sketchbook, and busted colored pencils just drawing my little heart out. Money was tight in my family and I would often go back and erase old thumbnail sketches from my school sketchbooks just so I had a new page to use.

When I look back at that time I realize that I was able to create with next to nothing, but now you have all these top of the line pencils, markers, and special guide rulers. Paper just for manga drawing, and comic book paper with the blue guides already notched in for you. That is all well and good, helps a lot trust me.


I am here to tell you, you don't need it. Honestly, you don't need the fancy stuff to do what you love to do. All you need is a way to express it. I was at my happiest just drawing with old perused sketchbook paper and a pencil that was a quarter the size of my finger (I use my pencils until the sharper has completely devoured them.)

I would like to believe that if you can creature things with the bare minimum of supplies then that makes you a true artist, writer, musician. Because you worked with what you had, and had to find a creative way to achieve what other people did with everything handed to them.

Seriously, don't get caught up thinking you need special markers because that is what all the top professionals use. Sometimes they can just be a pain in the ass to use, and then you have a $100 set of markers you don't want to use because they annoy the hell out of you.

Now I am not saying some of the fancy toys aren't useful or neat, but don't hold yourself back because you think you can't do something just because you don't have the brand new shiny toy. The Masters that created a lot of the great works we study today didn't have those advantages either. Just keep that in mind next time you think you need the new shiny toy.

Because you can buy all the fancy tools in the world, but you can't buy talent or skill.

Till Next Time My Padded-Room Cellmates!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Verbal Abuse, Just Don't Do It

I want to get a little serious on you tonight, so hang in there with me. I watch a lot of crime shows, almost anything on Investigation Discovery. Most of which are all awful stories about people doing awful things to other people. I have met my fair share of awful people in my life, and I have witnessed first hand what other people are capable of, both good and bad. Abuse is one of those things. I have seen some really awful abuse that my friends and family members have gone through.

Tonight I just kind of wrote this little thing remembering my friends who I have helped to pick up after years of abuse. The biggest thing I want anyone that reads this to take away from it is that what you say can hurt a lot more then hitting someone. Now that is not to downgrade physical abuse at all. Any form of abuse is just unacceptable. But physical pain fades and heals given enough time. Scars that words and emotions leave last a lot longer, and sometimes can be irreversible.

The Power of Words
"The world is a burdening thing. Every second of every day of your life it does nothing but try to knock you down. Push you to the ground, bury you to the neck in all the negatives it has flourished on. For most people they travel through life in a daze, shutting out the pressure. Gliding along like it is just another natural thing to take the abuse of others. Then there are those who sell their soul to aid the problem. Infecting everyone with more negative energy, spreading the heavy burden of life outward. Knee-capping the people that try to make it a little brighter for the rest of us. There are still others that are able to escape the senseless cruelties of a world spinning from the poison of others.

            I was ten when I found out what I wanted to be. Completing a creative writing assignment in English class I knew right away I wanted to do that for the rest of my life. Bring life into the lifeless imagination of other people. Spark that beauty in the world that only I could see. I arrived home with a bounce in my step announcing as I came in that I wanted to be a writer. My mother put her wine bottle down long enough to laugh. She reminded me that grammar, spelling, anything to do with writing was not my strong suit. Telling me I was put in the stupid classes for a reason, which were really just learning aid classes. My dream crumbled before me and I left the room with a heavy heart. That night I ripped my writing assignment into pieces and swore I would never try it again. I told myself to not even try because I would never be any good at it.

            Years later I would find something else I loved to do, with the thought of college not far off. My mother again in a drunken stupor informed me I was too lazy to do something that involved. This pattern continued well into my high school years, by the time I was a senior in high school there was not much left. I have lived like this all my life, promising myself the world would never bury me with its negative shit. But the walls are caving in, the tide is high, and I haven't the will to struggle."

Till Next Time