Thursday, January 2, 2014

Creative Warm-Ups!

One of the things I like to do when I am feeling creatively blocked, or I just have an itch to scratch is randomly sketch or write. I start out with no direction, no plan for anything. Just put pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard and see what comes of that. Some of my best ideas have come from doing this, and it gets you all warmed up for a bigger project. Kind of like doing a warm up before excusive or running. Have to stretch those creative muscles to get them in the mood!!

At my husband's request I have started to save my little random warm-ups, one of which I glanced over last night. Since I am in such a sharing mood this morning, I figured why not post it up? It is a nice quick little read. Hope you enjoy!

"Duality, the equal portions of life that are present in all things. Ying and yang, good, evil, peace, chaos, all light is followed by pure darkness. It is a fact we can not run from, nor hide. No matter how much denial we burry it under, or how much we delude ourselves. That darkness, the primal instinct of nature is always there, lingering just below the thin surface of reality. Our immoral urges give it fuel, and dirty secrets the path it takes to seep out into the world.
            But what is so wrong with the darkness? Why does the world look down upon this entity of their own humanity? Could it be fear?
            Yes, fear. The butterflies that stir in the very beginning. The reason we shy aware from courageous acts, hide form change, and reject foreign concepts and reality. Fear can be a very powerful tool. One that leads us to the darkness, into the abyss of human depravity. That is often the reason many of us have fallen. Lost forever in a world surrounded with humanity. A world that we once ruled without care or concern of consequences, but that era has past. At least on the surface.
            My memories of that time are fleeting, but there are many things I can recall clearly. I lived in a small village just fifty miles west of the castle that loomed over most of the country side. Our lord ruled from his intimidating perch up top the world. A cruel and awful man that would often take many children from the surrounding villages. Rumors were he would sell them to slave traders, other were much more colorful but even darker still. However; that is a tail for another time and place.
            Right now there are things advancing to bring that world back to life. To breath new air into the era of darkness that would soon grab this shining city. Even I could not have known it at the time. Wisdom and caution are only things you gain with time, and I have a lot of that."