Monday, January 13, 2014

Fancy Toys, Who Needs Them?!

When I first started drawing I used it as an escape from all the pressures around me. I spent hours in my room with an old sketchbook, and busted colored pencils just drawing my little heart out. Money was tight in my family and I would often go back and erase old thumbnail sketches from my school sketchbooks just so I had a new page to use.

When I look back at that time I realize that I was able to create with next to nothing, but now you have all these top of the line pencils, markers, and special guide rulers. Paper just for manga drawing, and comic book paper with the blue guides already notched in for you. That is all well and good, helps a lot trust me.


I am here to tell you, you don't need it. Honestly, you don't need the fancy stuff to do what you love to do. All you need is a way to express it. I was at my happiest just drawing with old perused sketchbook paper and a pencil that was a quarter the size of my finger (I use my pencils until the sharper has completely devoured them.)

I would like to believe that if you can creature things with the bare minimum of supplies then that makes you a true artist, writer, musician. Because you worked with what you had, and had to find a creative way to achieve what other people did with everything handed to them.

Seriously, don't get caught up thinking you need special markers because that is what all the top professionals use. Sometimes they can just be a pain in the ass to use, and then you have a $100 set of markers you don't want to use because they annoy the hell out of you.

Now I am not saying some of the fancy toys aren't useful or neat, but don't hold yourself back because you think you can't do something just because you don't have the brand new shiny toy. The Masters that created a lot of the great works we study today didn't have those advantages either. Just keep that in mind next time you think you need the new shiny toy.

Because you can buy all the fancy tools in the world, but you can't buy talent or skill.

Till Next Time My Padded-Room Cellmates!