Saturday, January 25, 2014

Not Going There

This is kind of a random Saturday rant for everyone.

It is no secret by now that I am a horror movie addict. I love them and if it gives me nightmares all the better, but there is one type of horror movie I will not go near. I mean anywhere close to.

Horror movies about mirrors!

Having nightmares for a few nights is fine, being terrified for months. Not really something I want to go through. I'm not really sure what it is about mirrors that freak me out, but they do and not for silly self image reasons either.

Think about it, a mirror is like a view to another world. You can see so much in a mirror who the hell knows what is on the other side, and seeing Candyman when I still impressionable didn't help any.

What brought on this confession was the trailer for the new horror movie Oculus, from what I have grasped from the trailer. Not only does it have an old creepy mirror, but it has a creepy little poem to go along with it. Then blood, yeah that's right, BLOOD running down it. Like you needed anymore creepiness surrounding this mirror. NOT COOL!!

So while I think it is a neat concept and it peeks my interest, unless I am heavily intoxicated I will not be seeing this movie. Ever. For crap sake people I sleep with a mirror overlooking my bed! The last thing I want is to be so scared I end up putting a white sheet over it, which then only makes it even more creepy!!

If you want to check out the trailer hit the link. Trailer HERE!!

Till Next Time My Fellow Horror Lovers!