Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Old Stuff, New Year: The Missing Piece

It seems that I tend to get the most views from posting my old writings up, and who am I to go against what people want? So here is another little snip from my past that I shook the dust off of.

In that past I was a big RPer, and I was on a lot of different forums. People always said the same thing about my stuff. I have a gift for writing death scenes, yeah because I really want to be remembered for that.

The other night I stumbled onto an old fan fiction of mine that I had been converting away from being a fan fiction. Needless to say it has a fairly depressing and awful ending, but still good enough to make me cry after all these years.

So here it is, the ending death scene of The Missing Piece (yeah I really don't know where I came up with some of these titles. Give me a break I was only 18)

The Missing Piece: Rei's Death

Jet black steel loomed over Gage, panic overriding the fighter inside him. Canceling that natural talent he had for jumping into action and keeping the coolest of heads. His mind swimming with the unforeseen future of death.

            Hassan's blade moved slower then the second hand that ticked against the stone walls of the room. Counting down the painfully long seconds of Gage's certain end as he inched backward. Crawling, reaching, frantically looking for his discarded blade. His eyes widened in surprise, how could it end like this? How could he, the chosen warrior die so easily at the hands of his enemy?

            The Gods had been mistaken, he wasn't chosen for anything but death. Clenching his eyes shut Gage braced for the blow of Hassan's sword. His rival had finally bested him. Gage's  hands still feeling backwards for anything to defend no matter the hopelessness of it. Stone scrapping at his fingertips as he clawed backwards, then cool metal. The ridged metal hilt of his sword so familiar sent the adrenaline racing through his body. It was back. A strong urge to battle against fate, Gage took hold of his blade. Blindly stabbing forward in hopes of defending against the apparition of death.

            A haunting echo of metal bouncing against stone stilled the room. Gage slowly opened his eyes. It was either him or Hassan and he could not trust the feel of his sword still in hand. The mind played tricks to soften the reality of fate's design. His blue eyes studied Hassan, and his sword that lay on the ground. Gage had struck him, his weapon plunged through his heart up to the hilt. Warm dark blood oozed from the wound covering Gage's hand sending the rush of victory through his body.

            Hassan's large demon like hands clasped around Gage's pulling himself closer to the hero, Hassan hissed. "I'm not going alone." The words haunting, sending a chill through Gage's body.

            Deep cracks started to form in Hassan's hands, the old demon had once again used up his life in the mortal world. Gage's eyes locked with the golden glare of Hassan's, his words might had been threatening but Gage showed no fear. Flicking his wrist he twisted the blade into his enemy. Hassan didn't cry out, he simply grinned as a woman's groan replaced the sound of his decaying body. Gage's heart stopped. Fear clenched his chest tight, stilling his blood and chilling his soul.

            Hassan's body dissolved into blacken ash, crumbling into a pile before Gage, revealing the nightmare he had been running from for months. Rei's soft purple eyes met with the horror in his. His sword impaled in his lover's chest. The nightmare that had plagued him coming true in a moment of false victory. Rei smiled that sweet smile that had warmed his heart so many times. Now it only brought heart ache as the sparkle of mystery fled from her deep plum eyes.

            Gage withdrew his blade in one fluid motion, rising swiftly to stop her fall as her body slumped forward without the strength to stand. He cradled her dieing body in his arms as they sunk back to the flood. Rei's long silver hair pooled around them, mixing with the rich crimson of her own blood.

"Why did you do that?!" he growled at her. She had held Hassan back, subdued him long enough for Gage to blindly find his blade. If he had just been paying attention, if he didn't turn away from his own looming death this could have been avoided. He would have seen her pulling Hassan back, and his sword would have never impaled so deeply into both of them.
            Blood streamed from the corner of those full lips. Lips he had kissed with feverish lust only hours ago. She couldn't respond verbally to him, her words stifled by the blood pooling in her throat. Instead she gave him another warming smile, assuring Gage his life was more important to not only their Gods but her as well. Her soft tiny hand reached for him one last time, needing to feel his skin one last time before the world turned its back on her, but she didn't have the strength. Her life fleeting so fast Rei's red lips turned purple, her healthy tanned complexion drained of all its beautiful color. Replaced with the dull graying haze of death that even stool that last glimpse of life left in her eyes. Gage seized her hand as she tried to reach for him, bring the chilled flesh to his face but it was too late. Rei was gone from this world, denied her last wish for one more loving touch of the man she lived and died for.

Till Next Time My Fine Fury Friends!
(Yeah I have been watching too much Criminal Minds again)