Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cancer Fund

I must say I am a extremely disappointed in this. Nearly a month ago now I stumbled upon this page through a Sailor Moon fan site. This Sailor Moon fan at a young age is fighting a rare type of cancer and others have set up an account for donations to help her medical expenses. Now I gave what money I had saved up for a really cool Zelda item I have been wanting.

Yeah I am just that nice.

However; since that time they have haven't even hit 2,000. That is disappointing to me.

Yeah I know I can hear it now, people saying why they should give to one person? And I can agree with you, but when I look at all the people that mindlessly throw money at projects for people creating a fan cartoon. Or some type of original game that speaks to them, and these projects jump quickly into the 90k range within days, it pisses me off.

So your telling me the mass public would rather spend money for other people to create entertainment for them, instead of giving this money to a young girl in a fight for her life?

That makes me sad to be a human being. People are only in it if there is something for them. Sad, sad, sad, sad, SAD!!!

Now that I am done ranting, please give what you can to this person. Five bucks people that isn't much, and then you can have the pleasure of wearing your human badge with pride.

So hit the link and give what you can.
Till Next Time My Fellow REAL Humans!!