Monday, February 17, 2014

Wiped Out

Not the show either.

This morning I feel like I am just getting to old for this crap, then I remember I am only 29 and wondering where all my determination and energy went.

Last night I was up fairly late working on homework, because I live for nothing else but homework.

Seriously, sometimes I sit here and wonder why after I spent years getting my BS. Why, oh why did I have to go for my Masters?

Anyways, while I ponder my need to create complex and annoying amounts of work for myself, here are some character sketches I did for my graphic novel class. Enjoy, love them, leave comments or whatever it is you guys do.

Little insight into Charlie, she was captured at a young age and programed as a fighting machine. She now has this other self who is all serious and hardcore killer Sigma. So same body different character, but my instructor and I thought it best for there to be physical differences as well.

Till Next Time My Loves!