Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back to Your Roots

(WARNING: This blog gets a little heavy on the gifs!)
I have been a student in the art field for years now. I have had the privilege of working with many very talented people, and I also go digging through different sites gazing at artistic eye candy. Through all this studying and searching I have found one thing that is a repetitive theme.

It is something I like to call a "Mid-Life Creative Crisis" even though they tend to happen
more then just once.

People, even students who have a passion for what they do, hit this imaginary roadblock in their head.
They start wondering why they are even doing what they are doing. 
Is it something they can do as a career, do they want to, is it what they thought it was?

I see it every term someone is questioning why they are even in the program. Why they
even are an artist.

Now confidence is not something that is unwavering in the artistic life. In fact
artist, writers, creative people in general are known for their
internal struggles with their own greatness. 

Add on to all the comments from haters in the world, social pressure, and teachers 
just telling you how it is. It wears on a person, even the best and most talented of people.

No reason to stress OUT!!!

Just take a step back and go back to your roots. When I am feeling doubtful about myself, 
or start to question why in the hell I am even doing this crap. I like to take a step back.

Sometimes I wander off the watch some anime or listen to some music just to increase my happy
mood, but when that does work I go a little farther. 

I do a project just for me, I just put pencil to paper and try to draw something I used to love
drawing. Even if it is corny, stupid, has awful composition, and would get my a grade of F.
I just draw it without holding any form on judgement in my head.

It helps to remind me why I started taking art classes.
Why I have subjected myself to endless years of constructive criticism.

So when you start questioning yourself, or start wondering why you are even
going through all this trouble. Shut down the world and look back to
how those first projects made you feel and just do something for you.

If after doing that you still have those doubts or feelings that you don't want to do this anymore, then 
maybe you should just move onto something else and give up on writing, drawing, ect. 

Either way you will have learned something.