Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Writing Treat!!

I have been slaving away at my final project all week and I have just been itching to write something, anything, but I haven't the time.

So looking back at some of my old work I stumbled upon some more goodies from the past. Now I have reworked it a little, but it is still close to the way it was when I first laid pen to paper.

Enjoy the little treat and look for more of Shadow Gemini pages on Monday!!!

(written @ age 19/2004)

What a world we live in, born into uncertainty and yet nourished by the false belief that our paths are protected. Watched over by faceless deities that delight in our very creation. In truth this world is tragic, a game for every powerful being that ever looked down upon it. A place where noble rulers crumbled under the weight of shameful secrets, their young left to fight their senseless battles, and where youth is just a faded illusion. Because when you are called to the deities service there is no force able to alter density. Not even childhood innocence could halt the game of the gods, the cruel joke that mortals were created to fulfill along their preordained paths.
            Free will, a comforting thought, an illusion to bring hope to the hopeless, and it is I, the enforcer whom is responsible to see their fates play out. I watch every second of mortal time pass before me, and know how each path is to end. The game master who keeps the pawns in check. Free will, there was never such a thing until I granted it. I suppose that is why I have been condemned by my own kind. The pages of fate have been burned… Let the real game being.

To answer a few questions you might have about this passage... Yes it is the beginning of a bigger whole. Yes it is a story I have mostly written in first draft form only, and yes I remember it so maybe one day it will be revised and completed. :)
Till Monday People! Have a Great Weekend!