Monday, June 16, 2014

Zelda E3 Fan Art

I know I promised part two of my coloring process,
Some really cool things happened last week and I feel the need to report 
on them.
The biggest being that E3 went down, oh yeah that one time a year
every game nerd looks forward to in hopes of seeing the
new goodies our brain-washers have developed for the coming year.
 The games I was most looking forward to getting some much needed
facts on of course is the Legend of Zelda games.

And like with any new awesome tasty official artwork, demos, screen shots
comes the endless slue of fan art. It started within an hour of the presented 
awesomeness that is the Zelda franchise.
 Here are some of the awesome pieces that fans are creating to hold them over
until the games release dates, and then I am sure the more creative stuff
will be coming out. Bad guys making out with good guys, suggestive
impossible relationships, and Zelda related OCs sporting the new look.

Hyrule Warriors,
(official artwork)
This game is just going to be beyond awesome. Not only does it appear to be a
more battle driven game with endless hordes to take your aggression out on,
(official artwork)
but they have included a large cast of playable characters. 
 Art By: Zelbunnii
And for the cherry on the top!
Art By: Laovaan
Most of the playable characters will be kick ass females.
Art By: BigDead93
I am not seeing a downside to this game and the fan art is not disappointing either.
Art By: Raven-igma

Art By: twilightzant

I had to, this thing has been popping up all over the place.
Art By: Lethalityrush

Art By: KillyanX
Oh I guess I was wrong, OCs are already popping up
with that awesome battle armor warrior look.
Art and Character owned by: SerenitytheFaierikin
And the crazy enemy good guy couple, But it's still hot!

Then there was the little demo of the new Zelda U game.
 (official artwork)
Art By: DC9spot

Art By: Aishishi
Lets just say my deviant has been over run with fan girl pictures
of Link with a pony tail. 
Art By: aquanut
What is it about the pony tail? 
 Art By: Laovaan
Drool guilty ^.^

Friday, June 13, 2014

Have You Heard?

A little something to kick off your weekend. Catch you on Monday!

Have you heard the story of the rose? The beautiful yellow rose that grows up-top the hill of thorns. It blooms only at night once the last rays of sunlight leave the earth, in the darkness sun bright petals of gold and deep orange blossom unfolding in elegant perfection to welcome the dazzle of moonbeams. There just beyond the horizon it sits, a single steam reaching upwards towards the heavens for acceptance. Acknowledgment of its tragic beauty.
Why so tragic?
Do you see there? Yes, there surrounding the mound of earth that raises this brilliant flower toward the sky. The dark forms that jut outright cutting through the space around them with ruthless fortitude. Thorns, like those of any rose they protect the beauty that is the sun's light in the darkness of night. Ever watchful of suitors that might approach the delicate flower. Cuts not the only fear these blades of nature offer. No, there is a fate far worse then wounded flesh.
Deadly and slow acting. One single scratch infects the blood, with each hesitated step forward the young suitor suffers. Dieing for just a single touch of this beauty's petals that taunts them each night with those final rays of sunlight.
Then as the moon sinks inevitably into the horizon giving way to the new morning sun, the rose withers under her own darkness. She dies without knowing the love of another, her quest for the heavens unfulfilled. Waiting there up-top her hill surrounded by death the beauty waits. Ideas of love filling those nighttime trails she watches. Baring witness to those who would try and pluck her from that hill. Many came, many failed, and then all stopped.
How long has it been dear rose? How long since anyone has braved your thorns? They all fear and aw at your beauty dear rose. Your color so brilliant and pure, yet your darkness so deep and endless. There is no savior for you dear rose, no one brave enough, strong enough, no courage left in men that would attempt to touch your petals. Your poison is so strong sun golden rose, and so each night you bloom glowing with other wordily passion in hopes someone will save you, each day you wither away in disappointment, left unfulfilled. Your cycle is tragic and repetitive, locked in time, and trapped by your own limitations dear rose.
How long will you suffer? Dear rose why do you wait for another to do what you can accomplish on your own?
Dear rose golden like the sun reaching for heaven in the dark of life, reach skyward and look nowhere else. Cast your gaze upward and search nowhere else but within those golden petals for your salvation. Surrender to yourself and descend from that lonely hilltop, follow your roots and branch outward beyond those poisoned thorns. Wither no more from your unfulfilled desires and follow course towards them.
Have you heard the story of the rose? The one that blossoms with petals of brilliant yellow and rich orange. The one trapped up-top a mound of thorns, lost in despair she withered each day.
No more.
She braved her poisoned thorns, now true beauty walks among us.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sigma Process Part 1

Yeah, yeah I haven't been around. In all truth I have been sicker then a dog over the last week.
 What does that mean? 

However; I have been working on some artwork and a process break down to show
everyone, since people like to see how the magic happens.

So here we go with the first part since I have not completed the piece yet.

This might look familiar since I have posted the sketch before. 
As it stands now this picture is only half done as shown above.
On the left we have the original sketch and on the right the cleaned up
lineart all ready to color. Ink Tutorial HERE

At this point I am sick of working with precision and just throw in 
colors all messy like, each color on a different layer. 
Then starting at the top layer I go back and erase what is outside
of the lines and fill in areas I missed. 
Now you might be asking why don't I just color inside the lines to begin with?
Because I just don't, there is something fun about throwing messy
color on a picture.

Now that all the layers are cleaned up I play around with the colors, and with 
the different layers switching colors is easy. Most of the time I would
throw in background color to which helps in the color
selection, but with this character I knew what I was 
going for already.

At this point I start playing around with lighting ideas, sometimes
I know just how I want to light something, other times not so much. When
I am not sure how I want the lighting to be I tend to fool around using
a large brush to just threw in some shadows and see what I like.

I have chosen to light the character from below, I have also
deiced that I would have cool shadows paired with
warm highlights. Using a dark blue I lay in the bigger
shadow portions on the character.

That's all for now, check back next Monday to get the rest and also
see the finished work. 
Till Then!