Monday, June 9, 2014

Sigma Process Part 1

Yeah, yeah I haven't been around. In all truth I have been sicker then a dog over the last week.
 What does that mean? 

However; I have been working on some artwork and a process break down to show
everyone, since people like to see how the magic happens.

So here we go with the first part since I have not completed the piece yet.

This might look familiar since I have posted the sketch before. 
As it stands now this picture is only half done as shown above.
On the left we have the original sketch and on the right the cleaned up
lineart all ready to color. Ink Tutorial HERE

At this point I am sick of working with precision and just throw in 
colors all messy like, each color on a different layer. 
Then starting at the top layer I go back and erase what is outside
of the lines and fill in areas I missed. 
Now you might be asking why don't I just color inside the lines to begin with?
Because I just don't, there is something fun about throwing messy
color on a picture.

Now that all the layers are cleaned up I play around with the colors, and with 
the different layers switching colors is easy. Most of the time I would
throw in background color to which helps in the color
selection, but with this character I knew what I was 
going for already.

At this point I start playing around with lighting ideas, sometimes
I know just how I want to light something, other times not so much. When
I am not sure how I want the lighting to be I tend to fool around using
a large brush to just threw in some shadows and see what I like.

I have chosen to light the character from below, I have also
deiced that I would have cool shadows paired with
warm highlights. Using a dark blue I lay in the bigger
shadow portions on the character.

That's all for now, check back next Monday to get the rest and also
see the finished work. 
Till Then!