Monday, June 16, 2014

Zelda E3 Fan Art

I know I promised part two of my coloring process,
Some really cool things happened last week and I feel the need to report 
on them.
The biggest being that E3 went down, oh yeah that one time a year
every game nerd looks forward to in hopes of seeing the
new goodies our brain-washers have developed for the coming year.
 The games I was most looking forward to getting some much needed
facts on of course is the Legend of Zelda games.

And like with any new awesome tasty official artwork, demos, screen shots
comes the endless slue of fan art. It started within an hour of the presented 
awesomeness that is the Zelda franchise.
 Here are some of the awesome pieces that fans are creating to hold them over
until the games release dates, and then I am sure the more creative stuff
will be coming out. Bad guys making out with good guys, suggestive
impossible relationships, and Zelda related OCs sporting the new look.

Hyrule Warriors,
(official artwork)
This game is just going to be beyond awesome. Not only does it appear to be a
more battle driven game with endless hordes to take your aggression out on,
(official artwork)
but they have included a large cast of playable characters. 
 Art By: Zelbunnii
And for the cherry on the top!
Art By: Laovaan
Most of the playable characters will be kick ass females.
Art By: BigDead93
I am not seeing a downside to this game and the fan art is not disappointing either.
Art By: Raven-igma

Art By: twilightzant

I had to, this thing has been popping up all over the place.
Art By: Lethalityrush

Art By: KillyanX
Oh I guess I was wrong, OCs are already popping up
with that awesome battle armor warrior look.
Art and Character owned by: SerenitytheFaierikin
And the crazy enemy good guy couple, But it's still hot!

Then there was the little demo of the new Zelda U game.
 (official artwork)
Art By: DC9spot

Art By: Aishishi
Lets just say my deviant has been over run with fan girl pictures
of Link with a pony tail. 
Art By: aquanut
What is it about the pony tail? 
 Art By: Laovaan
Drool guilty ^.^