Thursday, July 31, 2014

Movie Giveaway, Immortal Tempest Countdown!

Yeah I know I missed a day. Sorry about that, but life has been nothing short
of insanity around this place. 

For today I want to talk about where and how I come up with my best
When I hit a writing wall I tend to wander off and do something else, because
swearing at my computer for two hours is not productive. 
Yes, I have been known to fling more then just a few choice words when aggravated. It is
just part of my loveable personality.

When this happens I usually busy myself with the back-up of house work. Mainly dishes.
Yep, I wash dish when I hit a roadblock.
Because it is mindless work.

I can daydream the whole time I am washing. I even make a little ritual out of it. 
Setting up my area and lighting incense in the 
window over the sink. 
You can always tell I am doing dishes when you smell Dragon's Blood.

When I don't have dishes to do I like to cook. Basically all my awesome ideas
happen while I am in the middle of dancing like goof
in my kitchen cooking or cleaning.

I have even been known to stop in the middle of cooking and start writing again.
Hey, you can't pick when the ideas come you just have to roll with them.

That is all from me today, so make sure you sign up for the giveaway
and here is another teaser from Immortal Tempest.
Look for it
Monday August 4, 2014

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