Monday, July 28, 2014

Movie Weekend Giveaway & Release CountDown

Next Monday I will be releasing my first book, Immortal Tempest.
For the next seven days leading up to the release I will be sharing information about the 
creation of Immortal Tempest. Everything from inspiration to the characters funny
 I will also be giving away a $25 Fandango Gift Card to help us all relax at the
end of this crazy week. 

So enter below and read a little bit about how Immortal Tempest got started. :)

The Evolution of Serenity
To start off my countdown to release and my Movie Weekend giveaway, I'm going to tell you a little about how the main character in Immortal Tempest came to be.
The main character, Serenity, is actually one of my oldest role playing characters. A branch from my very first role playing character named Sage. Yes, I am a role player, which should not be surprising in the least. I have been free form role playing since I was fourteen, that is just around fifteen years for me and if I wasn't so busy I would still be doing it till this day. 
^Me Role Playing
Problem is real life tends to get in the way, and I only role play with one other person now through email. She is easily my bestfriend in the whole world though we have never met in person. One day though, one day.
Ok, back on topic.
I started role playing in chatrooms and at that time I used the name Sage aka Mysterious Hylian Warrior(that was my user name but I played many characters under it)… Yeah that's right I was all about Zelda then and I'm all about Zelda now.
 From there my name ended up getting shortened to MHW, and the character changed from Sage to a darker character. After that my name shortened again to just Mysterious.
That name served not only as my username but also the name of my main role playing character.
Now you might think that it is a strange name for a character or anyone, but believe it or not it has grown on me over the years and calling her anything else weakens the character.
 So where does Serenity come in?
Serenity was the name I gave to Mysterious as her mortal/normal self in a role play where a more softer, human side of Mysterious came out from her past.
The character of Serenity in this book is based off of Mysterious I just choose to use her other name (or did I?)
 So for those of you who have role played with me in the past you know what you are getting into with this book. For those who haven't…
Lets just say you are in for a wild ride.
Also the story of Mysterious (aka Serenity) is on going. So if you fall in love with her don't worry there is plenty of story to go.

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