Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Movie Review: Haunting Of Cellblock 11

It is Friday yet again and I am here with another movie review. Yeah I only did one movie this week, it has been a very busy week for me.
I feel like I have gone sane by how much work I have been doing.
This week I was going to watch The Woman in Black, but my stream was not liking that movie for some reason.
Hopefully next time my streaming won't be as impossible.

To this week's movie
Haunting Of Cellblock 11
When this movie first started I rolled my eyes. The overall feel of the movie and the camera work was leaving a lot to be desired.

This movie has some very redeeming points and I enjoyed it, so I am giving it a solid three screams of blood chilling enjoyment!
Spoiler Warning
Go no farther if you plan on watching this movie
You have been warned!
Lets get the crappy stuff out of the way.
Here is what made this movie fall short of four screams
 Ghost Bomb!
Okay so I forgot what they called it in the movie, but it is this little disk thing the negates all the energy in the area to cancel out a ghost's energy. While that would be awesome if they were Ghostbusters, having that when your a paranormal investigator and trying to attract ghosts kind of seems pointless. It does coming in handy, but honestly don't you want to attract the ghosts not scare then away?

Over Acting
The towns people and all the hush hush about the prison is a little over the top. The main group of actors is fine, but those towns people trying to be creepy just isn't working. They end up being strange and make me think of the Hills Have Eyes with cartoonish acting.

Bad Accents
So it was like three lines in the whole movie, and yes I am complaining about about the towns people. Honestly they only show up for about 5 minutes in the movie, but it has given me a lot to dislike. The southern account on the waitress at the dinner is insanely awful. Just mute the movie for that small part and you will be fine.

Shadowman Clip
There is a small flash of a man walking down a hall captured on one of their cameras. It looks very similar to one I have seen on a paranormal ghost hunting show. It also looks very much like a clip I have seen floating around the internet. Extremely FAKE!

Watching Friends Mauling
Yes that is right. These two guys watch as their other friend is dragged into a cell. It sounds like he is getting ripped about and cut, there is even a little garbled noise that comes from the cell. They just stand there and watch and when all is silent they ask if he is alright. That is just messed up.

Enough with the bad mouthing, lets move on to the good stuff.

No Editing
So the network that is funding their show wants them to "edit" their footage to show more ghost stuff like other shows to get more views. The team refuses to use the "edit" aka CGI buttom to make it look like they have spotted a ghost. That is very noble.

I really love the little recreations of the stories that are told in the prison before the investigation begins. I am a sucker for creepy retelling of tragic history. So I loved these.

Show Host
The guy that does the hosting in this movie is awesome. When that camera is not on for their ghost show he talks normal and is a likable character. Then when they start shooting the show he gets this really cool host/nature show host voice going. It is slightly dramatized but not enough to make you roll your eyes. Just enough to make a little chuckle and a smile every time he does it. I loved it.

3... 2... 
 The ending was awesome, the little twist of the sweet old man turning dark at the end was AWESOME. What was even better was the couples reaction. 
After giving a dramatic countdown from three they give him the # one finger and walk out locking the door behind them. Leaving the jerk of an old man to his fate.