Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Movie Reviews: Grave Encounters2, 100 Ghost Street, & The Amityville Haunting

It's the first Friday in October and my first review of the month.
I decided to focus on a theme this week, Ghost Hunter Movies!
 Or more to the point the ones filmed through the use of the eyes of a amateur.
That whole craze has just gotten out of hand if you ask me.
Okay so I watched these movies just to annoy my husband more than just
for this little project of mine, but it still left me with a lot to 
talk about. 

There are spoilers in the reviews. If you don't want to know
stop at the screaming heads just below each movie poster.
Every movie is rated on a scale of five screaming heads, because we all like screaming.

First on the List 
Grave Encounters 2
You might remember I did the first one last year, if not here is the link to the review
from last year. 

Alright back on track,
This movie was not nearly as interesting as the first one, such is the curse of the sequel.
For those of you who don't want spoilers stop now and just take my review of
two halfhearted screams aka not worth your time unless you want to kill some time.

Here are the things I didn't like:
 -The Whole Beginning
Why did we need to see all that partying and insanely over stereotyped college students?
It was pointless up to the part the main character starts doing research on the first film
Grave Encounters. We don't care what kind of kids these are, we know already.
We get it, we see it in the five minute portion before they enter the hopsital.
We don't need the whole front half of the movie dedicated to it.

 -The Big Secret
What is the point of keeping the hospital name secret? Why keep the fact the original
cast is missing? Wouldn't that just give you more marking tools, plus draw in 
more people that believe this stuff all to be real? I am not seeing the
big deal at keeping the hospital name secret, or the cloak and dagger stuff.
Okay so it gives this movies its over all plot, but lets just call it what it is

-Main Character Obsession
I am not seeing the point here. Why is this kid so into finding out the truth of this movie?
Because it would make a great movie of his own.
Again we call it 
 -We Are FREE, Not Really
Talk about lame. We are out of the hospital!  Happy dance.
Oh wait we aren't really. This is so over done, but when looking at this movie as awhole
they had to find away to step it up from the last one, so why not. 
So far the only place I loved this little twist was in 1408.
The effect of breaking through those locked front doors and finding another hallway
was so much more effective in awesome from the first movie compared to this weak attempt
at a twist.

Alright I ragged on the bad points enough on to the things I liked.
- When the Killing Starts
Hey when the blood starts it really doesn't stop until you the "we are free but not really" part.
We are talking death after death, after death. None of this, one person dies and 
then we have to wait 20 minutes for the next. No they thin out the heard fast.
- Meeting Lance
Yep the guy from the first one is back!
Only now nine years have passed and he has completely lost his mind. Which I love.
I really enjoyed the idea that the killer doctor ghost was keeping Lance alive and
using him as a puppet. That was just awesome. Especially since
we all assume he died as well.

-The Red Door
Yes the random red door the is wrapped in chains and is free standing. You can walk
all the way around the door and know it goes no where, and yet they 
still want to go through it. But wait that is not the best part.
When Lance finally gets the door open...SURPRISE!
It goes nowhere.
Well it does go somewhere but not until the doctor says so.

Next on the list is 
100 Ghost Street
the story of Richard Speck

Now this movie I am really neutral about, I have watched it a few times, but
I wouldn't put it up there on awesome have to see level. 
Because it is just something neat to watch when you want to watch assholes and clueless people
die in bloody ways. Or if you are a fan of mass murderers.
With that I give this movie a solid 3 wails

Here is what I liked, lets start on a positive note.
 - Killing Starts Right Away
Yep no waiting, not even the set-up crew is safe. The first guy dies
within I would say five to ten minutes of the movie beginning. I love, it no waiting.
The second guy isn't killed too long after either. See no waiting.

-No One Is Safe
Yeah you can stand outside all you want, you're not safe. Okay so the guy
waiting outside in the car was stupid enough to stick his head close enough to this random
pipe that lead inside, but even the girl isn't safe. She is like ten feet away from the building and she
ends up dead.
 -Jerk Dies
Yep, I love when the jerk dies. You know the guy that is pushing for more, more, and more.
The only thing that made his death greater in this movie was he was a complete ass.
No, really he is an ass, and his death is especially awesome and bloody

-The Ending
Yes, the best part of the whole movie is the ending. Not because it is over
but just because it took me by surprise. I won't give it away completely
but lets just say no one lives.

Here it what I didn't like
-They Keep Going
It's not so much that I don't like this as I am not really feeling this
part of the movie. Their new hire is attacked and the leader drugs the woman and forces
the rest of them to go on with the investigation. We are not talking about
"Lets get a little more footage and go"
No this guy wants to go through the whole job. It is one person against like
seven, WTF people! Stand up for yourselves.

-The New PA Is Clueless
I have watched so many paranormal investigation shows and no one takes a new person
on an investigation that has no idea how to investigate properly. This woman knows
she is going to into a rundown prison and she wears a bright pink dress with
impossible shoes. Then they hand her a tape recorder, show her how to turn it on,
and send her on the way.
This is just an insult.

-The Whole Operation
Seriously, this is the most poorly constructed investigation ever put together.
The guys in charge are clueless and jerks, there is only one key to get out
and the whole reasoning for keeping the door locked is because homeless people wander in.
Ummm... yeah I think you would see someone wandering in since your set up
is right there. Plus you have a guy in a car outside, well until he dies.
There is no point to lock the gate.

On to 
The Amityville Haunting

Which I will also give a solid 3 wails
 This movie is another one I have watched many times. I watch it because
it is an Amityville movie and it is easy to ignore while I am working.

The Good
Despite the fact I have seen this movie so many times there is not a lot of good
going for it, but I will try to find some redeeming points.

-Amityville Legend
Yep, I am a sucker for the Amityville Legend and stories. It was one of the first movies
I watched at age 8, and it scared me to death. I managed to conquer that fear
and turn it into a love. Hence my enjoyment of anything Amityville Horror releated.

-The Son
The son in the family saves this movie. He is the only one that sees what is happening
right from the start. He is on the whole ghost thing and spends his time
taping as much evidence as he can to show his clueless family.
-Dad's Breakdown
Best part in the movie. The dad is a military man and it is clear he has seen some action.
After his buddy is killed he completely goes of the deep end. On the upside he finally
believes there are ghosts in the house, however, he is has lost his mind
so it really isn't of any help by then. Still great point in the movie, and something that
builds from the beginning.

Here is the Bad
-Female Acting/Writing
Yeah, the roles of the two daughters are terribly acted out. The youngest is
really over acted with extreme arm movements and over dramatized speech. I just don't
buy any of it. The teenage daughters rebellious nature is overly done. 
We get it, she is a troubled teen. The writing was just poorly done for this character.
Same with the mother. It was like "We want them to have bigger parts in the movie,
but what could we give them. Oh I know pointless emotions and dialogue."

-History & Deaths
I will admit the deaths that take place in the house are fairly cool. We see
everything from someone just dropping dead for no reason, to a guy getting electrocuted. Awesome!
However; the mother and father when they first go to look at the house know
of the history. Not that big of a deal, people were murdered in the house. Some people can get
pass that, but when they walk out of the house and the woman showing the house is
just randomly dead. Medical reason or not I am not staying in that house.
 Plus while moving in one of their movies dies. 
If I made it far enough to start moving boxes in after the first death I witnessed
I would be GONE after the second. No way I am staying, money be damned!

-Ignoring The Boy
The son is the only one with any idea what is going on, and he is ignored through the whole movie.
The girls clearly get all the attention in this house, still they just order this poor
kid around and never fully listen to him. These people deserved to die.

So that is it for this week, next Friday a whole new list of movies and reviews.