Monday, October 13, 2014

Then & Now

I know I have talked and shown some of my old artwork off before. I find it is important to sometimes look at the older stuff, as an artist I tend to forget how far I have come. My work is always being critiqued and reviewed against top artist today, it is hard taking those hits and after awhile it really starts to damage a person. 
You can roll with the punches all you want but sooner or later it takes it toll, and then you end up comparing yourself to other artist. 
At that point you become your own worst enemy. The negative voice in the back of your head just keeps telling you how much you are flawed, but that is crap. Art, like everything, is a  journey and you have to see just how far you have come to appreciate where you are now.
With that being said I want to share some more artwork and progressions I have made.
I was panning through my Rebryn file and stumbled across a few old drawings, take a look at how my work and characters have progressed.
Mysterious aka Serenity
Anyone that reads this blog knows and has seen Mysterious before. I have drawn her the most and just look at how far she has come. Fairly awesome if you ask me.
 Mysterious Rebryn has lived through so much and beyond a countable number of years. Why? 
Because it is just fun that way and I said so. She is married to her life mate Ragnar, they have been together for well over a millennia. Up until recently (like a year ago) she only had two daughters, Shea & Eeva.
Me and my role playing buddy have just increased the family to include twins Saiye and Sebastian. (I don't have any drawings of them yet, but hopefully soon. )

Shea Rebryn
Alright on to Shea, she is also one of my characters and a real party to write and draw.

Shea Rebryn is the oldest daughter and is a complete handful, she is very much into living it up. Adrenaline junky, sexual, and loves to have a good time Shea is always getting into trouble. Mated (note I say mated but not married) to a rather jerk of a demon named Kai. They have a son named Kei (also don't have any drawings of him yet but I am dieing to sketch him) who is promising to be a very powerful demon as he grows up. He has his father's short temper and Shea's lust for life.

Eeva Rebryn
Finally the last one I have is Eeva, she is not one of my characters. She is actually the creation of my very dear friend and long time role playing buddy (Ragnar, Sebastian, & Kai are also hers).

Eeva Rebryn used to be the youngest daughter and a very troubled person as well. Eeva is very much the black sheep of the family and has followed the dark path of her mother. She has even killed family members and tried to kill Kei. Eeva was drawn into the seduction of Vondorian (Mysterious master in her past). He completely twisted her soul and she ended up losing her sight just to regain control of herself. Hence the bandage. Her eyes often bleed but she uses her skilled magical abilities to find her way around. She is currently in a relationship with Cealyn (one of my characters :P I have so many) who is a pure blooded angel that has helped the Rebryn family throughout their struggles, her father threw her out of the heavens for loving Eeva.

These characters are decades in the making and it is so wonderful to see where they started from in my head and where they are now.