Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Giveaway

Despite the fact I have slept maybe three hours do to a dream about a homicidal teddy-bear, I'm feeling very good. Today is Thanksgiving after all and I am looking forward to visiting my in-laws, making a tasty cake, and some rocking mashed potatoes. Even made extra gravy because the ratio between potatoes and gravy always seems off.

I also want to share the awesomeness and spirit of this holiday that is often over run with sales, companies that have no concept of family time, and early early x-mas decorations.
So I am giving away a signed copy of Immortal Tempest for my fans in the US. Enter at the end of this post, but hurry it ends tonight at mid-night.

In the meantime I have another treat for everyone. The next two books in the series will be out mid December and I have just finished the covers. Now I don't have any teasers or book blurbs for you yet, but they are coming. So enjoy the covers, enter the giveaway, eat lots of food, and just be thankful you have a family to spend time with.
And if you don't have family to spend time with, then be thankful you don't have to deal with that strange aunt no one wants to see drunk, your mother or mother in-law complaining about dry turkey, and rejoice in the fact you get to eat the whole punkin pie yourself without anyone knowing.

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