Saturday, December 13, 2014

FINISHED!!! So Have A Sample

The other night at about 3am I finished Fated Betrayal, and now it was off with my editor.
I know you are all wondering what took me so long, let me just say that the details and events from this one have a large impact on the next. Placing everything perfectly was challegning, but it was worth the effort I put into it.

And since I am in such a good mood that this book is finally nearing that point of absolute completion, I'm going to share an excerpt.

Be kind this is right from the manuscript without the brilliant eye of my editor. So it is going to be rough, but you guys get the idea. :)

The comfort grew deeper and engulfed me in pure peace like I had never felt before, and suddenly the last three centenaries of horrors in my life vanished. I could live here... Forever.
            Serenity? A haunting voice called in my mind. Stay with me, please stay.
            No, I need to sleep. I answered back.
            Mysterious, don't give up… I need you.
            That name. It wasn't my name but it meant something, something deep.
            Yes…Yes, I'll stay with you.
            I thought the words but really I wanted to remain in this peaceful state, this perfect mellow ignorance of what was happening around me, when haunting images of my past flooded into my perfect world.
            The rich taste of blood coated my lips and mouth. The mystery of a time I had lingered over for countless hours suddenly became so clear. The distance memory of honyed clove suddenly made so much sense, a burning reminder filled that scar on my chest. It made my heart raced in a mix of fear and hatred. The creature with me roared with need of revenge and for the second time in my life it and I were one in the most terrifyingly wonderful feeling of complete power.
            I opened my eyes to find my vision was perfect, no it was better then perfect. I saw everything so much clearly then I had before. Cret was there, his honey flavor all over my lips. It must have been his blood that awoke me from my sleep. His blood that halted Vondorian's poison, I would be sure to repay him.
            I watched as Ryder forced Cret back in a rage, her blade baring down on him but I was there before she could strike. Catching her sword with my bare hand I forced Ryder back and she fell to the ground. Fear coated that plum gaze of hers and it thrilled me to see my rival in a such a state.
            In all the years we had battled, sparred, and fought for our master's affection she never once showed me an ounce of fear. There was only hate in her eyes for me, a look of superiority even when I bested her in battle.
            This one look, that look of pure terror in Ryder's eyes rushed the urge to kill her to the forefront of my mind. I wanted to murder, I wanted to kill... And I knew just who would be my first victim tonight.