Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Goodies

I'm going to try and give you guys an update this morning, but I must be honest. I'm not sure how this blog is going to go. I didn't get home until 4:30am this morning and my world is a little more fuzzy then usual, but I'll try.

This past weekend I took some much needed time and updated my website. Yep, it has new projects on it, updated book progress, AND it has a stylist new look.
I am currently booking commissions for the new year. Illustration work, cover designs, ect. Just email me at -

Other then that I have two books I am working on right now. Shadowed Intentions, book 3 of the Opsona series, it moving along nicely. And I am working on a little treat for Valentines Day. Something dark, sexy...Bloody.

I know small update, I will have more to come in the next few weeks, including a release date for Fated Betrayal.