Friday, May 1, 2015

What's Shakin'

WOW! Is this a blog post? 

It just might be. I know it's been awhile but you can always be comforted with the fact that no posting means I'm hard at work with new projects. 
So lets get into it.

First, off Shadowed Intentions (book three of the Opsona Journey Series) is completed and I am just finishing up the edits. It is up for pre-order and will release later this month with a big party.

Along with the release of the third book I will also be offering a boxset(aka Stage one) of the first three books. Complete with new content and a sample of the fourth book, Depraved Alliance. (more to come on Shadowed Intentions and Depraved Alliance in a later post)
 Pre-order Here

Come on! Did you honestly think the series was going to end so neatly? Please, I'm just getting started.

I also will be selling/giving away printed bookmarks in celebration of the completion of Stage One. Check out the designs, and keep a lookout for buy links and giveaways later this month.

 As a bonus I do have for sale this lovely on my Etsy Store!

Alright now for the illustration projects. I have been working with the fabulous Kenya Wright on her new book 420 now out.

 Buy Here

I added a little bit of visual life to her beautifully crafted words. Have a peek.
 There is more coming soon including a massive website update.