Monday, June 15, 2015

Immortal Tempest Chapter Two

Next week The Opsona Series is going on tour, and it is hosted by Raven. PA. To gear up for the big event I will be posting little bits here and there this week, and what better way to get started than with another chapter of Immortal Tempest, which is .99 Cents on Amazon right this very second. You guys can take a risk on me for .99 cents, right?

***Content below is for ADULTS, 18+***

Opsona Journey Series Book One
Immortal Tempest

Violent wind seeped through the cracks in weakened wood tickling the flames of each candle that lit the small room, tucked away in the abandoned house nestled behind one of the rolling hills that shielded us from the main city. Fierce unforgiving fire forced to dance against its will or risk the end of its life. How fitting. I watched the candle light struggle for survival. Once Vondorian returned, the young blond beauty lying in the old dusty bed would be doing the very same thing. Dancing to my master's illusion of love, passion, or whatever emotion his seduction would implant in her mind. He was the conductor, she would dance, and I would play the tune of destruction. His own private instrument of chaos. There was a time I might have been proud of that, rejoiced in the defeat of a mortal’s life. I would even take pleasure in it, now it was just a forced burden.
Her rosemary scent assaulted my heightened senses with relentless nausea. How could anyone stand that smell? She reeked of scented oils and imported perfumes. I would expect no less from the Lord's only child. No doubt his most cherished possession and I stole her.
“Pleased with yourself?” the smooth seductive voice of my master whispered from behind me. I couldn't help the pleased smile that spread across my lips, delighted that I had done his bidding and returned with his prize. Inwardly my conscience screamed at me, yelled to regain control knowing this was all wrong, but the pounding of his blood in my veins was too loud.
Turning, I longed to see his crimson eyes flutter with delight at what I had accomplished. His ice-cold grip was on my throat before I could catch sight of him, his nails digging at the back of my neck. A growl rushed out of my body as my back slammed against the wall. Instinct kicked in as I clawed at the arm that pinned me. The candlelight danced off his angled features, every curve of his alluring face caressed by violent flickering light. There was no delight in his eyes, the crimson glowed with fury.
“You disappoint, Serenity,” he growled my name baring long white fangs. “I told you to retrieve the girl, not cause a scene.”
His grip tightened against my throat cutting off my airway. Panic set in as I kicked in his direction, clawing at his arm for some form of release. The weak wood beneath my feet vanished, the bitter scent of vanilla overpowered that of the nauseating rosemary. Angry words flew from Master's full sinful lips, filling my blood with pure lust mixed with the panicked fear of oncoming suffocation. His voice was sharp words that I couldn't make out over the rapid panicked beat of my own terrified heart. He always appeared as a refined man, clothed in the finest attire that purposely pulled taunt across his firm youthful body. Accenting every fine detail that crafted this perfect devil, he never appeared older than his late twenties, but whispers said Vondorian had lived long before the current millennia. His long silky, silver hair was gathered into a ponytail, the color one he chose, which left me to question his appearance. Was this the vampire lord's real form, or just more glamoured magic to distort reality? The silver hue of his hair was a stark contrast to his deep rich sun-kissed complexion, and those dark crimson eyes that told the story of centuries.
Vondorian always towered over everyone in a room even if his six-foot frame fell short of another. That was the power he radiated. By stance alone my master gave off intimidation, but his mannerisms were gentle and graceful… A perfect gentleman. Mortals never saw this, his true nature before it could do them any good. His beautiful alluring violence that had my body aflame in the spinning darkness as my airway crushed under his iron cold grasp.
The world blurred, candlelight faded, even the howl of the violent wind couldn't pierce my darkening senses. A sensation of sailing filled my gut and then abruptly ceased with a harsh jerk as my body crashed into something that cracked and shattered. Splintered wood provided a resting place for my discarded form, panting for air I tried to gain some ground grasping onto the splinters beneath me. I welcomed the feeling as wood shards pierced my hand, bringing searing pain that focused my scattered nerves. It felt like hours had passed before my senses sharpened, adjusting to the dizzying spin of my head, when in reality this whole scene took place in a matter of breathless seconds. My own sage scent mixed with the vanilla, I could sense him now. Feel those soundless steps as he raced toward me for another attack. Even dulled to the point of vulnerability I could sense him, I didn't need my sight or hearing to warn me of his dominating presence. I felt him like a mother's instinct for their endangered child. Like a twin feeling the suffering of their other half, he was a part of me.
Kicking my right leg out it connected with something firm, a growl filled the room and I knew I had struck him. “There was a complication!” I yelled, finally able to open my eyes and see more than just blackness. My senses seemed sharper after the initial attack, drawn into fine focus by the creature inside insistent on living. I rushed his stumbling form, a foolish and inexperienced move but I had to show him I wasn't afraid. Slamming into his body we tumbled onto the floor and out of the room that held his sleeping prize.
“Your skills are slipping,” he argued back grasping at my wrists while trying to pin me to the ground. “You need more training. Every home is whispering about the abducted girl!”
“My skills are fine,” my reply short and sharp as I rolled us again.
He had ordered me hours ago to sneak into the manor that sat on the eastern edge of Tentusa and steal away Lord Davros's daughter. She was our means of entering into the Lord's home, everything rested on the unknown abduction of this young woman. Even as my mortal voice argued, howled, and pleaded with me to not follow his orders, my mind was completely under his bidding. So I took her, but I had made sure everyone knew she was missing. Master was right. After nearly three centuries of faithful master-servant relationship he was competing for my loyalty. Even with his blood coursing through my veins, being home made my defiant voice louder.
We rolled again and I was pinned, hands above my head, legs tucked under Master's and his weight baring down on me. His eyes flashed with lust, he loved these battles as much as he loved to control me. He delighted in my rebellious nature, my ability to say no to him even after my will had been weakened to the point of breaking.
“You. Are. Weak!” His words held a suggestion amidst a challenging tone that pulled at my inner creature. His body weighing down on top of me sparked a warmth within my core and I bit down on my tongue. Rich metallic notes rushed down my throat as I dug my fangs deeper into the meat. I needed the pain to focus. I couldn't get caught up in him.
He leaned down farther brushing those chilling soft lips against mine, I wanted to feel them. Images of what they could do to me flashed in my head. Promises he had once spoke aloud now held form inside my wildest imagination as he again invaded my mental walls, calling, tempting, seducing my every sense. I pressed my fangs down harder piercing completely through my tongue to regain control once again. I threw my midsection into the air arching my back, and sending us into another tumble along the splintered floor that creaked under our struggling bodies. This time I was on top. My nails dug into his wrists pinning them to the floor as I sat on his chest, bearing all my weight down on his unworldly strong form. It was a laughable sight, me with my average height and slight athletic build forcing myself down on a man twice my size.
“I am not weak!” I growled down at him. I tried to show anger in my eyes, but I knew they were too revealing by the way he grinned at me. My creature lusted for him the way he lusted for me. “I have this under control!"
“I highly doubt that,” he answered back. It was a challenge for redemption and a chance for him to prolong this battle. He enjoyed me here holding him down. He was allowing it, I knew my master too well. There was nothing stopping him from rolling us again even with all my immortal strength I could never subdue him. My suspicions were confirmed by the whirls of spiraling need that flexed in his eyes. A trickle of blood fell from the corner of my mouth, his eyes tracked the motion of the droplet that landed on his bottom lip. With a slow luxurious lap of his taunting tongue he collected the drop of crimson. A sensual whisper of a moan escaped his parted lips. "You're injured. Open your mouth."
"It has already healed," I replied.
"But I want to taste more."
Ignoring the intense heat of his gaze and the sexual ache his statement put inside of me, I explained my solution, “The rouges that live on the north island, they have a long running conflict with the Lord of Tentusa.” The plan for framing the rouges poured from my mouth like a general giving strategy to his king. I had to keep it professional.
“You attacked a young knight, battled with a handful of guards. How will they ever believe the rouges took her?” he asked, I sat there trying to find a response to assure him of my plan's success. Lost in thought I didn't notice one of his hands had left my grasp. His thumb glided along my lips tugging slightly to gain entry. I jerked back from his advances, but Vondorian's hand grasped the back of my neck and forced my face toward his, " I told you to open that beautiful mouth of yours."
My focus gone, fleeting with his suggestive motion. I wanted to pull away but I didn't get the chance. Master forced my lips against his hungry tongue, thrusting it into my mouth lapping up every bit of blood that lingered. I should have jumped off him, fled, but I couldn't bring myself to move. I had to prove that my will was stronger than his seduction. A mistake. My body began to shake from his hungry assault. I tried to steady myself, to stifle the tremble in my muscles but I couldn't.
You have to stop this!
I jumped to my feet when the reality of what was happening hit me. I was losing control, my strength was slipping with each tease of his skilled tongue. Master grabbed for me as I stood, I jerked out of his reach, and turned away to hide my crumbling resolve. "That's enough."
"I say when its enough."
"You gave me your word not to proceed without my consent." I reminded him flexing my fingers to still their rebellious quaking. If there was one thing that Vondorian was known for, aside from his brutality,  it was the honor of his sworn word. While the other lords dealt in false promises and meaningless oaths, Master kept his word at all costs. It was rare for him to pledge his word, but he had done so to me twice in my service to him.
Silence filled the room after my blatant reminder, but I could feel his gaze burning into me. Those crimson eyes fixed on my figure no doubt, his jaw clenched with a fang tugging at his lower lip, an agitated habit of his.
This conversation was over and I dared to take a step forward only be drawn back against his hard chest. His hands clasped around my arms with all the rage that was spilling over from our mental connection.
"And you gave your word to follow me without question. You swore me your loyalty." He hissed in my ear as his grip grew tighter. "Stray from my orders again and I may forget my manners."