Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Treat: Preview of Coming Title

The last few weeks I have been working really hard. Like really really hard on my next book. What can I say, it has sucked me in and refuses to let me go. 

And just to let everyone know I haven't died, here is a little preview of my new book A-Jax.
It's raw, unedited, and fresh from my head. In other words don't expect too much. LOL

A-Jax is a Contemporary Romance I have been working on. Different than my last few books but still just as good I promise.

***WARNING: Grown Up Words used below***

A-Jax Preview
“Don’t,” I yelled in horror. “Don’t look at me like that. I don’t want your pity.”
I wouldn’t be able to take it if that look was in his eyes. It was the same every time I shared even a fraction of my past, even my therapists couldn’t help the expression that creased their faces as they looked at me with those solemn stares of disbelief. It was that look that said ‘I don’t know what to do for you’ or ‘I don’t know what to say’ and the worst one,‘RUN! This girl is fucked up!’ I couldn’t bare to see that look in his amazing gray eyes. Not his.
Ayden took a step closer and I flinched away, shying from his touch but I was too late. He captured my face in his hands, cuddling it gently as he forced me to look at him.
“That is not what this look is. This is admiration.”
My breath caught in my throat and threaten to choke the life out of me. My head became lighter and swam with anxiety, and the small voices in the back of my mind were whispering those negatives things. Saying Ayden's prefect reaction and heart fluttering words were all just some dream—some illusion and when reality set back it my world would be even more devastated. Still that didn’t stop the tear of relief that trickled from my eye and hugged the curve of my face as I shook my head in disbelief…This wasn’t real.
“Bailey,” his voice was so soft it drew me back to him and the moment. My name on his lips, I wanted to hear that all the time but I couldn’t. I was too fucked up.
“Bailey,” he said again with a little more command to his tone and I looked at him, his soft gray gaze pinning me.
“What is there to admire about me?” I asked without even realizing I had spoken.
His thumb brushed against my cheek collecting my rouge tear and the most warming smile cracked in the corner of his lips, “because you are strong. The shit you have lived through, no one else could have survived. Not all alone like you. That is true strength and I admire that. I’m in awe of that… of you.”
His words broke a damn I had put in place to hold back all those emotions I never wanted to deal with, a strong iron wall that was now crashing down unleashing a torrent of uncontrollable tears. At first they fell silently and then when Ayden rested his forehead against mine the first sob cracked out of my throat and my damn shattered. The world blurred into overwhelming emotions drowned in a flood of tears… Tears I had been avoiding for five long years.

Hope you all enjoyed this little treat and there will be a cover coming soon. :)