Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Opsona Journey Series: First Go-Round

Last night I was going through some of my old files and I found something special. It's hard to believe it has been over a year since I published Immortal Tempest, so when I came across the first little snip-bit I ever wrote on the book imagine my glee.

Have a read of the first few paragraphs that started the series.

Opsona Journey Series
First Raw Draft
Immortal Tempest
Twilight had long since passed, leading into the darkening midnight sky. Thunder clouds crept across the sky shadowing the bright full moon that blanketed the valley in its light. Comforting as the moonlight was to the races of this land, it would bring none tonight. I knew this land—this kingdom. Years ago I even called it home.
            The valley we stood in stretched for miles and was used to move between the many sub-territories. The path to our backs lead to the deep forest, where dense fogs and mystery creatures lead many to insanity. Many blamed the fairy race that called the forest home, other people whispered about far darker things lurking among the mist.
            To east was a fiery wasteland where hot springs littered the terrain. Natural pools of boiling water creating rich soil. A man built a home there and had begun harvesting the mud for beauty uses. It was brilliant and foolish to try and brace the spontaneous eruptions that often occurred there. Just beyond there was a large lake that provide all the valley with water.
            Underground waterways fed from the lake into the various ponds and streams of the kingdom. Memories of fishing and playing on hot summer days came back to me, it was all a life time ago but the echoing memories were still so fresh.
            "You are a mute." My master's voice boomed at me. The starting of thunder in the distance. A common natural reaction to our unnatural presence.
            Turning my gaze on the path in front of us my heart sank. The central town lay only a few miles before us, enclosed in a towering white stone wall. Beyond the packed buildings stood the shining white castle. A beacon of light and hope, even in the dark of night it beamed with a glow of purity.
            "A word is not to pass your lips unless in my private company," Master said again from under the shadows of his hood. "Am I understood?"
            He had to ask--to make sure I promised. It wouldn't be just a simple job like all the other kingdoms and lands we had conquered together. This place held something for me, and even though I was only eight when I was ripped from this land. I still felt connected to my duty I pledged to it. The way my master spoke I could tell he felt the pull the land had on me, and still he wanted to move forward with our plans.
            Was this a test?
            "Serenity?!" He barked causing me to jump back into reality.
            "Yes Master." I agreed, using his title he so loved to hear leave my lips.
            In the past I had said those words as easily as I took in breath. My young mind warped and twisted to his will. Seduced by the shear power that was Vondorian, Lord and Master of the secret realm of Vamdrais. An assassin race of vampires breed only to serve their lord without question. However; I had questions, I had desires beyond his control. A problem that had driven a wedge of distrust between us.  
            "Come." He demanded.
            His figure moving off into the distance like and ominous shadow against a violent flash of lightening.

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