Monday, March 7, 2016

Pre-Made Monday: March

Pre-made Monday
It's the first Monday in March, which means it's time for some new pre-made covers. These covers will be up on my website later this month, along with all past covers that have not been sold.

All pre-mades are sold only once, they are designed with stock images from 123RF. I can not help if the stock images are reused in other covers or teasers, and I try to make the design as unique as possible despite the stock images used.

All pre-mades are sold at the price listed which includes minor changes. (Color, font, additional text, ect.)
Theses are ebook covers and will be an additional $15 charge for full print wrap.
If you are interested in purchasing any of these just email me with the subject line: Premade.
Include the name of the pre-made cover you would like, title of the book, and author name along with any other information.

Premade015_Roses&Magic: $40

Premade016_InChaos: $40

Premade017_BrokenPromise: $40

Premade018_TheFall: $40

Premade019_HiddenPath: $40