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Lineage Chapter 4 (Unedited)

I'm super, super close to finishing Lineage. We are talking paragraphs away, and to expression how excited I am here's another chapter.
If you wanted read the first three I suggest you do so, if not you won't know what the hell is going on. Follow the links previous chapters, if you're all caught up continue on to read chapter 4.

JJ Morris #1
Chapter 4
There he was—the stranger from last night sitting in the parking lot as if it was a completely normal thing for him to be doing. Just another traveler on their way through town. A perfectly normal person going about a normal life, but we both knew that wasn’t true. When we first met on those tracks I thought it was such good luck someone else had happened along, delighted that a random stranger was being an unknowing savior and scaring that thing away. It wasn’t as random as I had first thought, or so our later interactions at my house hiding from the wolf-thing suggested. No, there was nothing random about him showing up last night. As strange as that sounded I felt in some small way I was right. This man—this blue-eyed stranger had a purpose, and him being here now was no accident.
Eying him from afar I looked for any sign of injury remembering the blood I had found this morning, I saw nothing. Not a single thing that suggested he might be hurt, but then I couldn’t see much from this distance. What I could see was awful distracting.
I was captivated by his disheveled look and the raw blue gaze that was fixed right on me from across the lot. It was the first time I really noticed his raven hair that was sitting in a messy bunch on top his head. Giving him an edge with the way it swept across his rich tanned face hiding a portion of one eye.
His whole face had a period bad-ass rebel look, enhanced by the worn deep brown leather jacket that hugged his body. My breath hitched remembering that moment last night in my kitchen, the hairs on the back of my neck started to tingle at the memory of a dangerous gleam in those blue eyes and the wicked smile that had played across his lips.
“I don’t know who he is.” I breathed out in a half lie as I stepped out of the car, not even realizing I had been holding my breath this whole time. Who could blame me with those azure gems boring into me, burning a path across the full parking lot.
“Looks like Marty is going to find out.” David said and suddenly I noticed the little blond head bouncing along right toward my stranger.
My stranger? Where did that come from?
Shaking off my little mental slip I watched as my bestfriend approached the man in the leather jacket. Marty was like that, always nosy, I could call her curious but her need for information went far beyond curiosity. It was a drug for her, and petty gossip was a life sustaining force. Marty was good at getting both.
Her bright golden hair reflected the sun in a perfect model type way, and she walked so it bounced with each step. Jumping into the air and then fluttering down in a graceful tumble of curls. That was her flirty walk, the one that said ‘I’m innocent and cute, notice me.’ She used that one a lot and I hated she was pulling this crap with him. I even hated the way she stood with her back toward me so I couldn’t see the girlish flirty look that was no doubt on her face. Was this jealousy?
I had never run across it before, jealousy was not something I felt or at last not until this point. I never had a reason to be jealous, not even of the happy families I often ran across. Ones where the parents held their children close and made them laugh and smile. There was never an ounce of jealousy I felt toward them, only wonder and longing.
This was different, the unexplainable need to grab Marty and push her away from the blue-eyed man was itching through every part of me. Like rough wind swept waters crashing against a dam wanting to break out. The fact I couldn’t see her face and gage her level of flirt drove the itchy feeling even more, but what threw me into action was the playful shove Marty gave my stranger’s shoulder. I couldn’t take it anymore, the dam cracked.
“Let me see if she needs a hand.” I suggested to David, and it sounded just as suspect out loud as it did in my head.
Jogging off in between cars I didn’t give David a chance to question or stop me. I had to know what Marty and my stranger were talking about. Besides I wanted to make sure he was alright. Maybe with a closer inspection I could assure myself he hadn’t been injured, at least not seriously. Convince myself I had been taking the blood on my jacket to the extreme and it was all really nothing to worry about.
Coming up beside Marty I flashed the best smile I could manage without acting like a complete moron. Placing my arm around my friend’s shoulders I almost growled seeing the bright playful kittenish smile that was plastered all over Marty’s face, it was her signature ‘I’m available look’ despite the fact she wasn’t.
“Hey Marty, Carl was wondering where you got to.” Brining up her boyfriend was a low blow, but I wanted to make sure this stranger knew Marty wasn’t as available as her behavior suggested.
Him getting snagged up by her frisky play was all I needed. There was just no competing against Marty. It wasn’t that I thought so little of myself, but Marty was on a whole different level of good looking than I was. Pair her needy and demanding personality with that cleverness, and Marty always got what she wanted.
She was a beautiful eighteen year old that looked barely sixteen. There was an innocence about her, an angelic feature I couldn’t put my finger on. Her face had soft angles and perfect big electric blue eyes, along with golden hair that curled flawlessly. All those models on magazines that needed doctored to look so good held nothing to Marty. It was almost unnatural how gorgeous she was, but Marty did have a dark side and more than a few character flaws.
Flashing a half hearted smile Marty replied, “Cameron was just asking for directions.”
Cameron—she already got his name. That was fast.
“Oh,” I pretended to be shocked when really I was disappointed he was leaving so soon. “Where are you headed. You’re better off asking me, Marty gets lost in her own house.” I joked looking at Cameron.
I could feel Marty’s glare burning into me, and the awkward tension I had just created but I didn’t care. Not now that I was able to get a better look at my stranger and see all the little details I had missed across the parking lot. He was slender but with a nice build that screamed athlete of some kind, his jaw shapely and sharp. Clean shaved with a few fading scars here and there that also extended down the side of his neck. Rough hands rested on the bike handles, hands of a worker. Someone that got involved and I liked the idea of that. Of a hard working man. He was like something out of a movie, a bad boy hero that gets under your skin in just the right way.
I was looking him up and down. Just to see if there were any injuries, or so I told myself. Cameron was ever so nice to observe in the full light of day and I was doing it shamelessly, freezing when I reached his eyes. A hint of a knowing smirk playing in the corner of his lips. Busted. Directing my gaze beyond him to the scenery I tried to fight the warming tingle of embarrassment that burned at my cheeks.
“I was looking for a library.” He said in that soft tone he had used last night, and my knees responded with a wobble.
“Doing some research? Maybe for a paper?” Marty toyed with him. I knew that question game she was trying to start. The one where she played the part of the shy timid tease, asking her own questions and withholding the information he had asked for.
“Are you in college?” She asked.
Why Marty liked to play these games I would never know, but the hunt spoke to something in her. There was a little spark in her eyes as she toyed with her pray, did guys honestly find this attractive? I found it degrading. Marty was a smart bold person, why stifle yourself just to get attention.
Cameron went to answer Marty but I jumped in, this flirting had to end. This new sensation of jealousy was killing me.
“Its just over the bridge about five blocks right across from the bank. It’s hard to miss.”
My out-burst earned me a little pinch in my side from my friend, Marty could be upset all she wanted. The girl had enough toys to play with, she didn’t need to steel mine...wait. What?
“Thank you ladies,” Cameron said with that brilliant smile that melted me. “I should get moving.”
He gave a nod to us both before starting his bike.
Over the roar of the motorcycle Marty yelled, “you could grab a meal with us.”
“No thanks. I have a lot of work to do.” His last statement was focused right on me, that darkness from last night twinkled back for a second. A flash came of that same look he gave me when is gun was pressed against my chest.
Was that another warning?
I wanted to tell him I didn’t plan on going to the police or that I wasn’t going to say anything about last night, but I didn’t get the chance. Cameron kicked up the bike stand and took off leaving me there with a deflated Marty.
“What is wrong with you?” She growled the second we were alone. “That guy is so hot and you let him just leave. It’s almost like you couldn’t wait to get rid of him.”
I just shrugged at her over dramatized display to which she let out an aggravated groan.
“Lady we have got to school you on how to act around hot guys. I really don’t believe you just rushed him off like that.”
It wasn’t that I wanted him to leave, far from it. I just didn’t want him around her.
“Oh, I hope we run into him again. Please, please, please.” Marty begged in her perky little voice, folding her hands as if she was praying. Her big blue eyes directed to the sky as we started to walk back to the others.
“You have a boyfriend, Marty.” I tried to remind her but that did nothing to stop her drooling over the memory of Cameron.
What I really wanted to say was, back the hell off. But I bit that back. The last thing I wanted was to get into a fight with Marty, I would lose. Hands down. I knew how to pick my battles with her.
“It doesn’t matter, that man is eye candy. We could use some of that around here, and looking is not cheating.”
“Whatever, can we go eat? The others are waiting and I’m starving.”

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