Monday, November 7, 2016

Loving The Senator by Mia Villano

I can not begin to tell you how happy I am the election is tomorrow. At this point I really just want it over with, but there is another reason to be excited about tomorrow. Mia Villano re-release of Loving The Senator!
Yep, just in time for the election. Something a little steamy to liven up the day. Check it out below, then grab it for yourself.
 Free Novella included, "The Wedding", with the release of the original, best-selling, steamiest, political love story, Loving the Senator.
Escape this crazy election with a true politician with the first in the Capitol Affairs Series.

"God, he's gorgeous," I whispered to myself as the new senator took the stage. The things I thought about doing to him were sinful and possibly illegal.

As I watch him walk to the podium, I couldn't help admire his confidence, a masculinity, and mind-blowing presence. He was sex and sin rolled into one perfect package. His good looks were an added plus to the incredible politician and leader he was.

He looked amazing, but he always did with his wavy dark hair, sensual pouty lips, dark chocolate eyes, and five o'clock shadow perfectly placed on his face. I was so preoccupied with admiring him, I didn't realize he started back at me.

Catch the next two books, Loving the Candidate and Loving the President, coming soon in the Capitol Affairs Series.